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DevOps with Kubernetes: Accelerating software delivery with container orchestrators


Learn to implement DevOps using Docker & Kubernetes.

About This Book

  • Learning DevOps, container, and Kubernetes within one book.
  • Leverage Kubernetes as a platform to deploy, scale, and run containers efficiently.
  • A practical guide towards container management and orchestration

Who This Book Is For

This book is targeted for anyone, who wants to learn containerization and clustering in a practical way using Kubernetes. No prerequisite skills required, however, essential DevOps skill and public/private Cloud knowledge will accelerate the reading speed. If you're advanced readers, you can also get a deeper understanding of all the tools and technique described in the book.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn fundamental and advanced DevOps skills and tools
  • Get a comprehensive understanding for container
  • Learn how to move your application to container world
  • Learn how to manipulate your application by Kubernetes
  • Learn how to work with Kubernetes in popular public cloud
  • Improve time to market with Kubernetes and Continuous Delivery
  • Learn how to monitor, log, and troubleshoot your application with Kubernetes

In Detail

Containerization is said to be the best way to implement DevOps. Google developed Kubernetes, which orchestrates containers efficiently and is considered the frontrunner in container orchestration. Kubernetes is an orchestrator that creates and manages your containers on clusters of servers. This book will guide you from simply deploying a container to administrate a Kubernetes cluster, and then you will learn how to do monitoring, logging, and continuous deployment in DevOps. The initial stages of the book will introduce the fundamental DevOps and the concept of containers. It will move on to how to containerize applications and deploy them into. The book will then introduce networks in Kubernetes. We then move on to advanced DevOps skills such as monitoring, logging, and continuous deployment in Kubernetes. It will proceed to introduce permission control for Kubernetes resources via attribute-based access control and role-based access control. The final stage of the book will cover deploying and managing your container clusters on the popular public cloud Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. At the end of the book, other orchestration frameworks, such as Docker Swarm mode, Amazon ECS, and Apache Mesos will be discussed.

Style and approach

Readers will be taken through fundamental DevOps skills and Kubernetes concept and administration with detailed examples. It introduces comprehensive DevOps topics, including microservices, automation tools, containers, monitoring, logging, continuous delivery, and popular public cloud environments. At each step readers will learn how to leverage Kubernetes in their everyday lives and transform their original delivery pipeline for fast and efficient delivery.

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