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Enterprise Security with EJB and CORBA(r)

"Leveraging their strong implemention and standards committee experience, the authors have delivered the definitive guide to enterprise distributed object security."–Wing K. Lee, Sprint

Enterprise Security with EJB and CORBA

With e-business and distributed components comes the need for a bold new approach to security solutions. Setting out to resolve the security challenges of todays networked world, this book shows developers how to harness the power of EJB and CORBA to secure each and every system level––from Web browsers to mid-tier components to legacy systems.

Youll get real-world techniques for building secure applications using EJB and CORBA components and learn about existing and emerging technologies, architectures, and implementations, including how to choose the right ones for your specific needs.

Youll also find an e-commerce example that will help you understand the various topics discussed, including:

  • Security technologies, from Web security to mid-tier and database security
  • Interoperability of cross-domain components, and how to modify architectures for security
  • Interoperability of EJB and CORBA components, and how to make them work together securely
  • How to protect applications using the RAD architecture
  • Using rights, attributes, domains, and delegation
  • The companion Web site contains:
  • The code for the e-commerce example in the book
  • Additional examples and product information
About the Author

BRET HARTMAN, nationally recognized expert on CORBA security, is Chief Technology Officer of the Hitachi Security Software Unit. He is a regular speaker and expert panelist on secure distributed systems and CORBA security.

DONALD J. FLINN is a security architect at Iona Technologies with over 25 years’ experience in distributed object systems, including CORBA and Java security. He is chair of the Security SIG at the Object Management Group.

KONSTANTIN BEZNOSOV, PhD, is a Security Architect at Concept Five Technologies. As a coauthor of security-related CORBA standards and a former cochair of OMG’s Security SIG, he has written widely on architectural issues of engineering secure enterprises.
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