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Extended STL, Volume 1: Collections and Iterators

My Uncle John is what my parents’ generation would call “a man’s man.” He’s tough, rugged, a bit scary, with more than a little of the cowboy in him, and he would admit to fear about as readily as I could render modest defeat. So when he described to me that the challenge in doing your second parachute jump is overcoming the fear of the known, I took note. Having now written two books, I can certainly attest to this same fear. Starting a second when you know how much suffering awaits is not something done lightly. So the question arises, why have I done so?

The reason, elucidated in the Prologue, amounts to an attempt to answer the following seemingly simple dichotomy.

• C++ is too complex.

• C++ is the only language sufficiently powerful for my needs.

One area in which this dichotomy is most pronounced is in using and, particularly, in extending the Standard Template Library (STL). This book (and its sibling, Volume 2), distills the knowledge and experience I have accumulated in tackling this challenging subject over the last decade
or so.

About the Author

Matthew Wilson is a software development consultant for Synesis Software and creator of the STLSoft and Pantheios libraries. He is author of Imperfect C++ (Addison-Wesley), a former columnist for C/C++ Users Journal, and a contributor to several leading publications. He has more than fifteen years' C++ experience. Based in Australia, he holds a Ph.D. from Manchester University (UK).


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