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Introducing Microsoft  LINQ

Introducing Microsoft LINQ, 9780735623910 (0735623910), Microsoft Press, 2007

Your first look at building data-rich applications using Microsoft LINQ.

Get a head start using Microsoft Language Integrated Query (LINQ). Two experienced developers give you advanced insights and expert guidance for using this unified model for data access. You will learn how to write queries in your native programming language-Microsoft Visual Basic or Visual C#--using next-generation querying facilities in the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Discover how to:

  • Query and manipulate different data domains with a unified syntax
  • Work with local type inference, lambda expressions, and extension methods
  • Use XML literals, late binding over XML, and relaxed delegates
  • Query items using methods and generics in the System.Linq namespace
  • Apply deferred query evaluation and extension methods resolution
  • Query relational structures and physical models with LINQ to ADO.NET
  • Convert queries into native SQL with LINQ to SQL
  • Define and manage XML content by using LINQ to XML

About the Authors

Paolo Pialorsi is a consultant, trainer, and author who focuses on software development, concentrating on .NET, XML, and Web services. He is a founder of DevLeap, a group focused on producing sophisticated content for the developer community. He has written three books about XML and Web Services.

Marco Russo is a founder of DevLeap. He is a regular contributor to developer user communities and is an avid blogger on Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence and other Microsoft technologies. Marco provides consulting and training to professional developers on the Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft SQL Server and is the author of two Italian books about C# and the common language runtime.

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