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iPhone and iPad Apps Marketing: Secrets to Selling Your iPhone and iPad Apps (2nd Edition) (Que Biz-Tech)


Over the past three years, I have witnessed something

remarkable as iPhone and iPad developers have created and posted apps to Apple’s App Store at a breathtaking pace. The App Store has swelled to more than 400,000 apps and still shows no signs of abating. The gold rush to sell iPhone and iPad apps is still on, and you’ve created (or want to create) the next blockbuster iPhone/iPad app. Each time another Tiny Wings reaches the pinnacle of success, you see dollar signs and want to be a part of this explosive business opportunity. So do 135,000 of your friends—all toiling late nights and weekends to strike it rich. Large development companies also want a piece of the action and have teams of programmers cranking out apps as quickly as they can bring them to market. The accelerated pace of technology is compounding the problem of getting noticed. We have moved beyond “Internet time”—referring to the incredible speed at which technology advances—to “mobile time,” where technology is deployed almost instantly to anyone with a mobile device. This means that consumers have an avalanche of choices when it comes to the technology and content they consume.

The Easy, Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Your iPhone/iPad Apps–Now Fully Updated!


Grab your share of the multibillion-dollar iPhone/iPad app market! Top mobile app marketer Jeffrey Hughes will show you how to create an app that will sell, find customers who’ll buy it, and motivate them to lay down their hard-earned cash, right now! Don’t just throw your app out there; learn how to get noticed and make sales no matter how crowded the App Store gets! Completely revised for today’s iPhone/iPad marketplace, this book walks you through building a winning marketing plan, positioning your app, crafting your message, using the latest social marketing techniques, connecting with your best customers, and more! Absolutely no marketing experience is needed. With plenty of examples, screen shots, and step-by-step directions, this book makes iPhone/iPad app marketing easy!


You’ll Learn How To:

• Create an app with unique value to customers who’ll pay for it

• Cut through the clutter in an App Store with more than 475,000 apps

• Target and segment your audience–and reach it with pinpoint accuracy

• Identify your true competitors, learn from them, and successfully sell against them

• Use social media to build strong relationships with thousands of potential buyers

• Learn how to maximize social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and gain the exposure your app needs

• Create an integrated, consistent total message: naming, icons, graphics, website, App Store text, and more

• Utilize social media to generate positive word-of-mouth

• Get promoted in traditional media at surprisingly low costs

• Time your launch and marketing activities for maximum impact

• Write, publish, and distribute winning press releases

• Price your app carefully and adjust pricing to maximize long-term revenue

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