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Learn Robotics Programming: Build and control autonomous robots using Raspberry Pi 3 and Python


Gain experience of building a next-generation collaboration robot

Key Features

  • Get up and running with the fundamentals of robotic programming
  • Program a robot using Python and the Raspberry Pi 3
  • Learn to build a smart robot with interactive and AI-enabled behaviors

Book Description

We live in an age where the most difficult human tasks are now automated. Smart and intelligent robots, which will perform different tasks precisely and efficiently, are the requirement of the hour. A combination of Raspberry Pi and Python works perfectly when making these kinds of robots.

Learn Robotics Programming starts by introducing you to the basic structure of a robot, along with how to plan, build, and program it. As you make your way through the book, you will gradually progress to adding different outputs and sensors, learning new building skills, and writing code for interesting behaviors with sensors. You'll also be able to update your robot, and set up web, phone, and Wi-Fi connectivity in order to control it.

By the end of the book, you will have built a clever robot that can perform basic artificial intelligence (AI) operations.

What you will learn

  • Configure a Raspberry Pi for use in a robot
  • Interface motors and sensors with a Raspberry Pi
  • Implement code to make interesting and intelligent robot behaviors
  • Understand the first steps in AI behavior such as speech recognition visual processing
  • Control AI robots using Wi-Fi
  • Plan the budget for requirements of robots while choosing parts

Who this book is for

Learn Robotics Programming is for programmers, developers, and enthusiasts interested in robotics and developing a fully functional robot. No major experience required just some programming knowledge would be sufficient.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction To Robotics
  2. Exploring Robot Building Blocks - Code And Electronics
  3. Introducing The Raspberry Pi - Starting With Raspbian
  4. Preparing A Raspberry Pi For A Robot - Headless By Default
  5. Backing Up The Code With Git And SD Card Copies
  6. Building Robot Basics - Wheels, Power And Wiring
  7. Drive And Turn - Moving Motors With Python
  8. Programming Line Following Sensors Using Python
  9. Programming RGB Strips In Python
  10. Use Python To Control Servo Motors
  11. Programming Distance Sensors With Python
  12. Programming Encoders With Python
  13. Robot Vision - Using A Pi Camera And OpenCV
  14. Voice Communication With A Robot Using Mycroft
  15. Programming A Gamepad On Raspberry Pi With Python
  16. Taking Your Robot Programming Skills Further
  17. Planning Your Next Robot Project - Putting It All Together
  18. Appendix
  19. Assessment
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