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Learning AWS

Learning AWS, 9781784394639 (1784394637), Packt Publishing, 2015

Design, build, and deploy responsive applications using AWS cloud components

About This Book

  • Build scalable and highly available real-time applications
  • Make cost-effective architectural decisions by implementing your product's functional and non-functional requirements
  • Develop your skills with hands-on exercises using a three-tiered service oriented application as an example

Who This Book Is For

This book is targeted at expert programmers and architects wanting to learn AWS. Some familiarity with Spring, MySQL, and RESTful web services is assumed.

What You Will Learn

  • Multi-tenant design approaches for SaaS applications
  • Planning dev, test, staging, and production environments
  • Design considerations for scalability and high-availability
  • Planning for DR
  • The security considerations and implementation of AWS applications
  • Production deployment processes and tools
  • Monitoring AWS applications using CloudWatch
  • Automating infrastructure using CloudFormation

In Detail

With the increasing global interest in leveraging cloud infrastructure, AWS Cloud from Amazon offers a cutting-edge platform for architecting, building, and deploying web-scale cloud applications. The variety of features available within AWS can reduce overall infrastructure costs and accelerate the development process for both large enterprises and startups alike.

Beginning with basic cloud concepts, you'll learn about the various cloud services models and the design implications of multi-tenant applications. You'll then design, implement, and deploy a multi-tier, scalable, highly-available and secure application on the AWS platform. At every step, we explain the key guiding principles driving real-world production-ready application architectures. Finally, you will learn how to automate your cloud infrastructure, set up operations, application monitoring, and DevOps pipeline.

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Learning D3.js Mapping
Learning D3.js Mapping

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Nuclear Energy Leadership: Lessons Learned from US Operators

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Mary Jo Rogers's new book, Nuclear Energy Leadership: Lessons Learned from US Operators, provides helpful suggestions as well as useful tools drawn from the best of the nuclear
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Hip Hop on Film: Performance Culture, Urban Space, and Genre Transformation in the 1980s

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