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Magento Mobile How-To

Magento Mobile How-To, 9781849693660 (1849693668), Packt Publishing, 2012

Create and configure your own Magento Mobile application and publish it for the Android and iOS platforms


  • Style and theme your Magento Mobile Application interface
  • Configure Product categories and add static content for mobile
  • Prepare and publish your Magento mobile application targeting iPhone/iPad and Android platforms

In Detail

Over the last few years, mobile platforms have quickly expanded to reach every part of modern society. Magento e-commerce platform is no exception and many Magento store owners are aware that they will get more customers on their stores inside a "mobile-users community".

"Magento Mobile How-To" is a practical, easy to follow, complete guide for unleashing the real power of Magento Mobile. Whether you are a Magento store owner, developer, or just a curious reader, the clear step-by-step examples will give you a practical knowledge about creating Magento Mobile applications and publishing them on different mobile platforms.

By following the complete process of creating a Magento Mobile application, you will learn how to create, design, configure and prepare your own application and then publish it on the iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Get acquainted with the Magento Mobile Admin panel which will enable you to configure a separate Store View using a Magento mobile theme, prepare category images and other graphics.

Enhance your application by configuring the payment methods, integrating with social networks, configuring and sending push notification messages and finally submitting the application to Magento Mobile for deploying on favourite mobile platforms.

What you will learn from this book

  • Configure your Magento Mobile application for the iOS and Android platforms
  • Create a separate Store View with your Magento mobile theme applied
  • Prepare Category thumbnail images and other graphics for using inside your mobile app
  • Configure the Magento payment methods for mobile
  • Integrate social networks inside your app including Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In
  • Style your mobile application using the Magento Mobile Admin panel
  • Use the Magento previewer application for testing and previewing your app before production
  • Submit your application to Magento Mobile and monitor the publishing process to App Store/Google Play


Follow the creation of a sample Magento Mobile application with plenty of screenshots and practical examples to guide you along the way.

Who this book is written for

This book is great for Magento store owners and administrators that want to expand their business to mobile platforms with minimal investment. Also this is an irreplaceable manual for Magento developers when configuring Magento Mobile applications for clients.

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