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Mastering Windows Server 2019: The complete guide for IT professionals to install and manage Windows Server 2019 and deploy new capabilities, 2nd Edition


Enhance and secure your datacenter with the newest Microsoft server platform

Key Features

  • Develop necessary skills to design and implement Microsoft Server 2019 in enterprise environment
  • Provide support to your medium to large enterprise and leverage your experience in administering Microsoft Server 2019
  • Effectively administering Windows server 2019 with the help of practical examples

Book Description

Mastering Windows Server 2019 – Second Edition covers all of the essential information needed to implement and utilize this latest-and-greatest platform as the core of your data center computing needs. You will begin by installing and managing Windows Server 2019, and by clearing up common points of confusion surrounding the versions and licensing of this new product. Centralized management, monitoring, and configuration of servers is key to an efficient IT department, and you will discover multiple methods for quickly managing all of your servers from a single pane of glass. To this end, you will spend time inside Server Manager, PowerShell, and even the new Windows Admin Center, formerly known as Project Honolulu. Even though this book is focused on Windows Server 2019 LTSC, we will still discuss containers and Nano Server, which are more commonly related to the SAC channel of the server platform, for a well-rounded exposition of all aspects of using Windows Server in your environment. We also discuss the various remote access technologies available in this operating system, as well as guidelines for virtualizing your data center with Hyper-V. By the end of this book, you will have all the ammunition required to start planning for, implementing, and managing Windows.

What you will learn

  • Work with the updated Windows Server 2019 interface, including Server Core and Windows Admin Center
  • Secure your network and data with new technologies in Windows Server 2019
  • Learn about containers and understand the appropriate situations to use Nano Server
  • Discover new ways to integrate your data center with Microsoft Azure
  • Harden your Windows Servers to help keep the bad guys out
  • Virtualize your data center with Hyper-V

Who this book is for

If you are a System Administrator or an IT professional interested in designing and deploying Windows Server 2019 then this book is for you. Previous experience of Windows Server operating systems and familiarity with networking concepts is required.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with Windows Server 2019
  2. Installing and Managing Windows Server 2019
  3. Core Infrastructure Services
  4. Certificates in Windows Server 2019
  5. Networking with Windows Server 2019
  6. Enabling your Mobile Workforce
  7. Hardening and Security
  8. Server Core
  9. Redundancy in Windows Server 2019
  10. PowerShell
  11. Containers and Nano Server
  12. Virtualizing your Datacenter with Hyper-V
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Please READ DESCRIPTION Before Buying. The item is Brand New Paperback International/South Asian Edition textbook with 100 % identical Contents as US Edition. Shipped Same Day. Will be dispatched fast. 100% Satisfaction. Great Customer Service, Buy with Confidence, Front Cover May Differ. Ships to PO or APO. May have printed "NOT FOR SALE...
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