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Microsoft IIS 7 Implementation and Administration (Mastering)

Make the move to IIS 7 with this practical guide

Microsoft's IIS 7 is a radical departure from previous versions of IIS, and it promises administrators a new level of control over their Web servers, with its modular design and a flexible, extensible architecture that creates new opportunities for customization. This book guides you beyond the networking technology and concepts you already know and teaches you the crucial new features of IIS 7 that will help you succeed with this dramatically different Web server.

From navigating the new interface to adjusting settings entirely in XML to configuring IIS 7 for maximum security, this book covers the techniques, tricks, and basic instruction you need to take full advantage of IIS 7. Special sidebars provide information that can help developers coordinate efforts with administrators right from the start of projects to get the best outcomes.

  • Learn how administrators and developers work together in IIS 7
  • Understand the fundamentally different architecture in IIS 7

  • Manage Web sites and all ASP.NET functionality in one location

  • Move existing ASP applications to IIS 7

  • Click and explore to see how things work with IIS 7's drill-down approach

  • Set MIME types, work with handlers, and start building files

  • Use apps such as HTML, ASP.NET, CGI, PERL, ColdFusion®, and more

  • Explore code-based, role-based, and .NET-based security models

  • Modify application configuration files

About the Author

John Paul Mueller,
consultant, application developer, writer, and technical editor, has written more than 300 articles and 75 books, including coauthoring Mastering Windows Vista Business: Ultimate, Business, and Enterprise. His topics range from programming and operating systems to home security and accessibility. He has contributed articles to such magazines as DevSource, asp.netPro, InformIT, SQL Server Professional, and Visual C++ Developer, among others. You can reach him at his Web site www.mwt.net/~jmueller/.
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