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Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Unleashed


Microsoft® Visual Studio® LightSwitch® Unleashed

Alessandro Del Sole


Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch represents a breakthrough in business application development for Windows clients, the Web, and the cloud. Using this new tool, you can build powerful data-centric applications with far less code than ever before. Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Unleashed is the first comprehensive, start-to-finish guide to this powerful new tool. Written by longtime Visual Basic expert and Microsoft MVP Alessandro Del Sole, this book covers everything Microsoft developers need to know to make the most of LightSwitch–from the absolute basics to the most advanced enterprise techniques.


You learn how to use LightSwitch to build modern, scalable, customized line-of-business applications that automatically leverage technologies such as Silverlight, WCF, and SQL Server Express with no effort or expertise on your part. Through hands-on examples, Del Sole guides you through building solutions that can integrate and analyze business information from virtually any source, crafting custom logic that solves your company’s unique problems, and delivering state-of-the-art usability through professional-quality user interfaces.


  • Implement features such as screen navigation, data interaction, paging, and Excel export, with absolutely no coding
  • Build simple data-centric applications and add power to them with relationships and details
  • Rapidly create customized queries, filters, sorts, and reports
  • Aggregate data from many locations, including SharePoint, SQL Server, and the cloud
  • Simplify the implementation of application-level data validation
  • Protect your applications with authentication and authorization
  • Fine tune your code for scalability and performance
  • Streamline deployment to local computers, web servers, and the Windows Azure cloud
  • Use .NET code to define custom behaviors related to data and the user interface
  • Understand how LightSwitch applications are architected and how they are handled by Visual Studio
  • Use LightSwitch with other Visual Studio tools to manage the entire application life cycle
  • Efficiently debug LightSwitch code–and create code that’s easier to debug


Category: Microsoft Programming

Covers: LightSwitch

User Level: Intermediate—Advanced



Download all examples and source code presented in this book as they are available from informit.com/title/9780672335532


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