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New Drug Discovery and Development


A case history approach to drug synthesis and discovery

Discover the origins of some of the most popular drug therapies on the market today, including penicillin, Minoxidil, Viagra®, and "the pill." This guide to drug synthesis and discovery focuses on case histories. Organized by drug category, the guide introduces readers to the rich interplay of research and serendipity that is responsible for many commonly prescribed drugs today. Moreover, the author demonstrates how the discovery and development of a new drug or drug category creates a domino effect, leading to the development of newer therapeutics as pharmaceutical companies compete to satisfy market demands.

Readers gain new insight from both a chemical and medical perspective into:

  • Major classes of antibiotics used to treat infectious diseases
  • Antiviral drugs, including recent antiviral compounds designed to take advantage of new findings concerning the molecular biology of viral infection
  • Growth of several classes of analgesics
  • Intricate chemical structure of steroids
  • Development of compounds designed to lower cholesterol
  • Discovery of COX-2 nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Research and development of oral contraceptives

The text ends with an overview of the many steps required before a drug may be approved by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration.

Lavishly illustrated with chemical structures, and supplemented by an appendix for those readers who need assistance in interpreting the structures, the text is highly suited for students in medicinal chemistry, as well as for researchers in pharmaceuticals and medical practitioners in search of new insights into drug synthesis and discovery.

About the Author

DANIEL LEDNICER, PhD, is the acclaimed author of several books on drug synthesis and discovery. His career in both the private and public sectors has been devoted to the search for new therapeutic agents. Dr. Lednicer spent two decades at the bench as a chemist at the Upjohn Company. Following that, he served as director of chemical research at Mead Johnson, director of pharmaceutical sciences at Adria Laboratories, and pharmaceutical manager at Analytical Biochemistry Laboratories. Most recently, he was a project officer at the National Cancer Institute.

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