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Online Marketing Inside Out (Online Marketing: Sitepoint)


Online Marketing Inside Out is an invaluable book for anyone wanting to market products or services online - whether or not marketing is part of your job description. Small-business entrepreneurs and web-site owners will benefit from this information-packed book, as will traditional marketers with little or no experience of online marketing.

With so many potential customers online this book will show you how to reach and interact with them through podcasting, blogs, social networks, video, email, and contextual advertising. This book doesn't just cover the basics, it is inspiring reading for anyone looking for new ways to reach new and larger customer bases.

You will learn about:

  • The changing face of marketing
  • The new frontier of PR and media
  • Using your web site to generate income
  • Getting the most from the search engine crowd
  • Promote your message through socializing
  • Implementing profitable email marketing campaigns
  • Getting others to sell your products for you
  • Spreading your message through online advertising.

Editorial Reviews

"I highly recommend Online Marketing Inside Out as a reference point for people who want to get started with their online marketing efforts and for experienced marketers who might need a solid checklist to compare their existing campaigns against." Cory Huff - Sparkplugging

"Online Marketing Inside Out is a great book for those who want a no-hype understanding on the how and why of online marketing" Miles Burke

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