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Oracle Database 10g OCP Certification All-In-One Exam Guide (Oracle Database 10g Handbook)


The Most Authoritative OCA/OCP Exam Guide Available

Prepare to pass the OCA and OCP Oracle Database 10g certification exams with help from this Oracle Press guide. With complete coverage of all the material on Exam #1Z0-042 Oracle Database 10g: Administration I and Exam #1Z0-043 Oracle Database 10g: Administration II, this book covers everything you need to know to pass both exams. Inside, you’ll find helpful exam tips, hundreds of practice questions, and real-world exercises. This comprehensive guide serves as both a study tool and an on-the-job reference. Get full details on all exam objectives, including how to:

  • Install Oracle Database 10g and create a database
  • Use SQL, SQL*Plus, iSQL*Plus, and PL/SQL
  • Create and manage database user accounts
  • Configure Oracle Networking
  • Manage shared servers
  • Monitor, tune, and troubleshoot a database
  • Handle database backup, restore, and recovery
  • Use Oracle Recovery Manager and Oracle Flashback
  • Configure and manage security
  • Use Automatic Storage Management and Resource Manager
  • Automate administrative tasks

Included on the CD-ROM

  • Electronic Practice Test engine with two full practice exams
  • Complete electronic book

    About the Author
    Damir Bersinic (Mississauga, Ontario), OCP, MCSE, MCSDBA, MCT, is an Infrastructure Consultant with Trecata Corporation, a system integration consultancy in Toronto, Canada. He has more than 20 years of industry experience and has authored a number of titles on Oracle, SQL Server, Active Directory and Windows. His credits include multiple exam preparation titles Oracle and Microsoft certification programs. His most recent title, Portable DBA: SQL Server has sold more than 1800 units in the two months since publication and has a 5-star ranking on Amazon.

    John Watson (South Africa) OCP DBA 8.0, 8.i, & 9i, Internet Application Server Administrator, and certified on Managing Oracle on Unix, is a senior consultant with BLP management Consultants in South Africa. He has taught for Oracle University in South Africa for four years. John taught the DB10g New Features course, the DB10g Manageability and Performance seminars, he validated hundreds of OCP 10g New Features exam questions and contributed to the course material for all the 10g courses. John is the author of numerous articles on technology.

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