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Power Sales Writing

Power Sales Writing, 9780071410335 (0071410333), McGraw-Hill, 2003

Write for results with speed, power, and confidence!

Want to write powerful business communications that command attention, drive home your message, and deliver the desired outcome? Want to save countless hours doing it? Power Sales Writing shows you how. This brisk, no-nonsense guide presents simple rules and easy-to-learn writing techniques you can use every day to wow clients, win sales, and sell your boss on your ideas.

Following a painless, three-step process, you'll learn how to reduce your writing time by up to 80 percent and produce clearer, stronger, more persuasive business letters, e-mails, proposals, and presentations. Whether you're a sales rep, a marketing manager, or an executive, Power Sales Writing will help you to energize and focus your writing with:

  • Straightforward must-ask prewriting questions that sharpen your message
  • Quick techniques for foolproof editing and revising
  • Expert tips on translating your sales skills into selling copy
  • Proven methods for motivating readers to action
  • Winning advice on delivering bad news in a good way
  • Crucial need-to-know lists of power words and phrases

Start reading Power Sales Writing today. By tomorrow you'll be writing letters, e-mails, and proposals that gets you the results you want you and the recognition you deserve.

About the Author

Sue A. Hershkowitz-Coore consults in presentations, customer service and sales writing. Her clients include American Express, Coca-Cola, Motorola, and Walt Disney Pictures.

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