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Pro EJB 3: Java Persistence API

Pro EJB 3: Java Persistence API, 9781590596456 (1590596455), Apress, 2006
The Java Persistence API has been a long time in coming, some might even say overdue. The
arrival of an enterprise Java persistence standard based on a “POJO” development model fills a
gap in the platform that has needed to be filled for a long time. The previous attempt missed the
mark and advocated EJB entity beans that were awkward to develop and too heavy for many
applications. It never reached the level of widespread adoption or general approval in many
sectors of the industry. But in the absence of a standard, proprietary persistence products such
as JBoss Hibernate and Oracle TopLink gained popularity in the industry and have been thriving.
With the emergence of the Java Persistence API, developers can now create portable persistence
code that will run on any compliant Java EE 5 server, as well as in a stand-alone JVM outside the

It could be argued that the result of waiting until the persistence market had matured was
that a superior standard emerged based on product and user experience instead of theory and
design. Contained in the Java Persistence API (abbreviated by some as “JPA”) are the basic
notions and interfaces that all persistence connoisseurs will recognize from their experience
with existing products. This will make it easier for people who are already using these products
to adopt the Java Persistence API while still allowing novice persistence developers to pick up
the API and quickly learn it.
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