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Pro JavaScript for Web Apps

Pro JavaScript for Web Apps, 9781430244615 (1430244615), Apress, 2012
Client-side web app development has always been the poor cousin to server-side coding. This started because browsers and the devices they run on have been less capable than enterprise-class servers. To provide any kind of serious web app functionality, the server had to do all of the heavy lifting for the browsers, which was pretty dumb and simple by comparison.

Over the last few years, browsers have got smarter, more capable, and more consistent in how they implement web technology and standards. What used to be a fight to create unique features has become a battle to create the fastest and most compliant browser. The proliferation of smartphones and tablets has created a huge market for high-quality web apps, and the gradual adoption of HTML5 provides web application developers with a solid foundation for building rich and fluid client-side experiences.

Sadly, while the client-side technology has caught up with the server side, the techniques that client-side programmers use still lag behind. The complexity of client-side web apps has reached a tipping point where scale, elegance, and maintainability are essential and the days of hacking out a quick solution have passed. In this book, I level the playing field, showing you how to step up your client-side development to embrace the best techniques from the server-side world and combine them with the latest HTML5 features.

JavaScript is the engine behind every web app, and a solid knowledge of it is essential for all modern web developers. Pro JavaScript for Web Apps gives you all of the information that you need to create professional, optimized, and efficient JavaScript applications that will run across all devices. It takes you through all aspects of modern JavaScript application creation, showing you how to combine JavaScript with the new features of HTML5 and CSS3 to make the most of the new web technologies.

The focus of the book is on creating professional web applications, ensuring that your app provides the best experience for your users, with smooth and responsive control and feedback and an intuitive and optimized interface. You will learn how to take a basic application and bring it up to a professional level while making sure that it remains bullet-proof and bug free. Pro JavaScript for Web Apps will also enhance your development workflow using jQuery to streamline the process and freeing you to spend more time on the important parts of your app while the framework deals with the mundanity.

The best app experiences are a combination of a beautiful idea with flawless execution. If you have the ideas, Pro JavaScript for Web Apps will help you craft them into a phenomenal app.

What you’ll learn

  • Bring your web apps up to a professional level
  • Build a smooth, responsive, and expressive user interface
  • Add location-aware features to your app
  • Optimize your application for tablets and mobile devices
  • Become a better developer

Who this book is for

You will need a basic understanding of JavaScript to get the most from this book, and we will help you take those skills to the next level.

Table of Contents

1.Getting Ready
2. Getting Started
3. Adding a View Model
4. Using URL Routing
5. Creating Offline Web Apps
6. Storing Data
7. Creating Responsive Apps
8. Creating Mobile Web Apps
9. Writing Better Javascript

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