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Professional MFC With Visual C++ 5

Professional MFC With Visual C++ 5, 9781861000149 (1861000146), Wrox Press, 1999
This book focuses on the use of the Microsoft Foundation Classes to develop software. Of course, 'software' is a very broad term - some readers are doubtless interested in writing low-level technical applications that might not even have a user interface, while others will be interested in coding form-oriented applications that do little more the data validation and formatting before they hand the information off to a database server.

While you won't be writing a database server, you will write a few utilities, some DLLs, an ActiveX control and even an OLE document server, as well as examining Microsoft's Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and Data Access Objects (DAO) strategies. At the very end of the book, we look at what MFC provides to make programming for the Internet easier.

This book will give a detailed discussion of the majority of classes present in Microsoft's application framework library. While it will point out what parameters are required for the member functions of those classes, it will concentrate more on describing what utility the classes really provide. It should be obvious that a class named CWnd will probably provide the functionality inherent in a window, but it may not be obvious when some class derivatives are more appropriate than others, exactly how objects of that class are created and destroyed, or what interaction that class has with others in the framework.

We should say that there are a few things this book doesn't do. It isn't an exercise in marketing hype, because although Mike works for Microsoft, and while he may be tremendously excited about the group's product, he doesn't intend to gloss over issues that are problems, or be shy about showing workarounds that are faster than the way things were intended to be.

It does not beat the glossy features of Visual C++ to death. Those tremendous facilities are for you to discover. Instead, the book discusses the details that come up when your work with the Visual C++ AppWizards is complete: the real code that will make your program the best selling application, the fastest utility, or the most flexible embedded object in town.

Key ingredients:

Microsoft Developer Studio and the Wizards unraveled.
Comprehensive explanation of MFC's document/view architecture
Learn how to tweak your applications to perfection
MFC support for the Windows common controls described in full
Discover how to write safe, secure, multithreaded applications
Compound document servers and containers explained
Find out how to program ActiveX controls and control containers
Use MFC to implement Internet client and server functionality
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