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Real World Digital Photography (3rd Edition)

Photography has a rich history, from the personal family snapshot to Earth rising over the moon’s horizon. In its brief 170-year history, photography has played many roles to a wide variety of people—from memory keeper to human condition revealer to personal exploration companion. Photography reveals how we perceive and is so important that we are compelled to capture, process, and share our experiences with family and friends, and now—via social media—with complete strangers. Digital photography allows us to take more pictures, more easily, and more quickly. But before we delve into the nuts and bolts of digital photography with the third edition of Real World Digital Photography, allow us to address some of the essential assumptions and desires that come with the act of creating images out of light and shadow.

Whether you’re a serious photographer or a hobbyist, the advice and instruction found in this comprehensive, best-selling guide to digital photography will help you advance your skills to produce consistent professional results.

Real World Digital Photography addresses the wide range of topics surrounding digital photography, including up-to-date descriptions of the latest camera technologies, expert advice for taking better photographs, and tips and techniques for optimizing images to look their best in print and on the Web. Adventurous photographers can explore new sections explaining high dynamic range as well as panoramic and night photography. You’ll also learn how to establish an effective, efficient workflow using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop — the two must-have tools for any serious photographer.

In Real World Digital Photography, Third Edition you’ll learn about:

  • The essential technical considerations and professional skills to improve your photography
  • How digital cameras work and the resulting impact on how and what you photograph
  • Fundamentals of digital photography, including how to use lighting, composition, and lens choice to create compelling images
  • How to establish a digital editing workflow that produces successful, repeatable, reliable results
  • Practical image-editing techniques to improve tone and contrast, correct colors, enhance sharpness, and more
  • How to photograph source images to create stunning high dynamic range and panoramic photographs
  • The essential requirements of a professional color-managed workflow so that what you see is really what you print
  • Expanding your creative options with night photography, time lapse, and stop motion photography

As you're reading the book, share your photographs with the authors and others reading it via the book's Flickr group at

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