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Routing, Flow, and Capacity Design in Communication and Computer Networks

"Pioro and Medhis book is very refreshing and gives a comprehensive view of network design. It unifies many important topics on network design that are not found in one place; for example, this book provides the first thorough treatment of multi-layer design. Practitioners will find the book useful due to its development of both models and algorithms that are more applicable to real-world problems."
--Dr. Robert D. Doverspike: Bell Labs, Bellcore (now Telcordia), and AT&T Labs Research, USA

"The authors successfully bridge the gap between networking technology and system modeling and optimization, providing a comprehensive and authoritative reference on communication and computer network design through mathematical optimization-oriented modeling. It is an essential book for graduate students and academia and industry researchers."
--Professor Luigi Fratta, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

"This book provides an in-depth view of network design problems both from a theoretical and a practical perspective. It will become the reference work in the area of telecommunication network design for the years to come."
--Professor André Girard, INRS-EMT, Canada

In network design, the gap between theory and practice is woefully broad. This book narrows it, comprehensively and critically examining current network design models and methods. You will learn where mathematical modeling and algorithmic optimization have been under-utilized. At the opposite extreme, you will learn where they tend to fail to contribute to the twin goals of network efficiency and cost-savings. Most of all, you will learn precisely how to tailor theoretical models to make them as useful as possible in practice.

Throughout, the authors focus on the traffic demands encountered in the real world of network design. Their generic approach, however, allows problem formulations and solutions to be applied across the board to virtually any type of backbone communication or computer network. For beginners, this book is an excellent introduction. For seasoned professionals, it provides immediate solutions and a strong foundation for further advances in the use of mathematical modeling for network design.

About the Author
Michal Pióro heads the Department of Computer Networks and Switching at the Institute of Telecommunications at Warsaw University of Technology. He serves as professor there and also at the Department of Communication Systems at Lund University in Sweden.

Deepankar Medhi is professor (and past Division head) of the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Division in the School of Computing and Engineering at University of Missouri-Kansas City. Collectively, they have been researching network design issues for over 40 years. Both authors bring extensive industry experience to their teaching, which includes courses on network design and optimization.

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