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ShaderX2: Shader Programming Tips and Tricks with DirectX 9.0

After the tremendous success of Direct3D ShaderX: Vertex and Pixel Shader Tips
and Tricks, I planned to do another book with an entirely new set of innovative
ideas, techniques, and algorithms. The call for authors led to many proposals from
nearly 80 people who wanted to contribute to the book. Some of these proposals
featured introductory material and others featured much more advanced themes.
Because of the large amount of material, I decided to split the articles into introductory
pieces that are much longer but explain a lot of groundwork and articles
that assume a certain degree of knowledge. This idea led to two books:

ShaderX2: Introductions & Tutorials with DirectX 9
ShaderX2: Shader Programming Tips & Tricks with DirectX 9

The first book helps the reader get started with shader programming, whereas
the second book (this one) features tips and tricks that an experienced shader
programmer will benefit from.

As with Direct3D ShaderX, Javier Izquierdo Villagrán (nurbs1@jazzfree.com)
prepared the drafts for the cover design of both books with in-game screen shots
from Aquanox 2, which were contributed by Ingo Frick, the technical director of
Massive Development.
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Bandit Algorithms for Website Optimization
Bandit Algorithms for Website Optimization

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iPad All-in-One For Dummies
iPad All-in-One For Dummies

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Handbook of Fingerprint Recognition
Handbook of Fingerprint Recognition
From the reviews:

"...a useful reference for all biometric security professionals and researchers. The four coauthors have a distinguished combination of academic and professional experience....Overall, readers will be pleased with the style and substance of this book." -Computing Reviews

"This is a comprehensive reviews...

Anorexia and Bulimia in the Family: One Parent's Practical Guide to Recovery
Anorexia and Bulimia in the Family: One Parent's Practical Guide to Recovery

"Nine years ago my daughter came home after an abusive marriage and developed Anorexia, yet did not recognise she was ill. It was the beginning of a living nightmare."

Anorexia and Bulimia in the Family: One Parent’s Guide to Recovery is the first supportive self-help guide written by a...

Dave Baum's Definitive Guide to LEGO Mindstorms (Technology In Action)
Dave Baum's Definitive Guide to LEGO Mindstorms (Technology In Action)

The Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention System was introduced in 1998, and quickly became Lego's best-selling kit. From its surveys, Lego found that the median purchasing age for the Mindstorms kit is 23. The Mindstorms Programmable Brick, called the RCX, contains a microcomputer that enables those who build the robots to then program...

Intermediate Algebra: Graphs and Models (4th Edition)
Intermediate Algebra: Graphs and Models (4th Edition)
The Bittinger Graphs and Models series helps students “see the math” and learn algebra by making connections between mathematical concepts and their real-world applications. The authors use a variety of tools and techniques—including side-by-side algebraic and graphical solutions and graphing calculators, when...
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