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Software Testing with Visual Studio Team System 2008


We all know that software testing is the most important part of the Software development life cycle and the quality of the end product is mostly dependent on how well we test our products. But, testing is neither an easy process nor remotely exciting for all the developers.

For testing your applications on the Microsoft platform, Visual Studio Team System 2008 offers you a range of powerful tools for different types of testing. This Microsoft product makes the testing process easier as well as more exciting, not boring anymore.

This concise guide will lead you through the bewildering range of features offered by Visual Studio Team System 2008 to test your software applications before going live. It is packed with simple examples and screenshots to get you comfortable with the VS Team System 2008 testing environment.

The book introduces you to the main types of testing available in VS Team System 2008 for both desktop and web applications, and then walks you through deploying, running, and interpreting the results of tests. If you've been testing applications in Visual Studio 2005, the book will show you how you can move this easily to Visual Studio 2008.

You will learn about the Unit test, Manual test, Web test, Load test, Ordered test, and Generic test, and the support for them in VS Team System 2008. By the end of the book you will be using the tools to manage and run your tests, collect and analyze your test results, and improve the reliability of your software applications.

Later, you will prepare reports to monitor the quality of your software applications, using the available reporting templates in Visual Studio 2008 Team system and Team Foundation Server.

What you will learn from this book?

  • Explore the testing types offered by Visual Studio Team system 2008 Test Edition
  • Convert your existing Visual Studio 2005 testing application to Visual Studio Team system 2008
  • Unit-test your class library application, ASP.NET web application and the services created using Visual Studio 2008
  • Test your website before going live and rest assured of its performance; customize the test to meet your requirements
  • Load-test your applications to check application performance under various conditions
  • Collect and analyze the test results to improve the quality of your applications
  • Master various formats of manual testing to help test without automation tools
  • Manage, filter, and configure the test to control the execution of your application
  • Deploy your tests using local as well as remote deployment and run them
  • Run your tests and publish the results from a command line using MSTest tool
  • Create and utilize reports to see the progress and quality of your project


An example testing scenario is set up, and used as reference for exploring the testing features available in Visual Studio Team System 2008.

This is a concise practical guide that will help you learn testing your software applications using Visual Studio Team System 2008 quickly, with lot of examples and clear explanations. It is packed with screenshots to aid your understanding of the process.

Who this book is written for?

This book is for Microsoft developers working with Visual Studio 2008 who need to create a structured testing environment for their applications. No prior knowledge of testing is expected. The reader will need to be familiar with the standard Visual Studio 2008 environment, but anyone who has entered and compiled code in this environment before will easily follow what goes on.

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