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Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics

In introductory electronics, Stan Gibilisco wrote the book. The gifted writer/teacher's TEACH YOURSELF ELECTRICITY AND ELECTRONICS is your best choice for clarity, completeness, and up-to-date coverage.

* The best-selling electronics introduction, offering a user-friendly independent study approach
* The quickest way to learn the hows and whys behind computing, communications, robotics, entertainment devices, and the force that makes them work
* Uniquely thorough coverage, ranging from dc and ac concepts and circuits to semiconductors and integrated circuits
* Starts at the beginning and takes you through advanced applications such as wireless and artificial intelligence
* Packed with more than 500 learning-enhanced illustrations, practical examples, and self-quizzes and tests
* Helps you solve current-voltage-resistance-impedance problems and make power calculations
* Teaches simple circuit design and optimization of circuit efficiency
* Theory behind advanced audio systems and amplifiers for live music
* Features practical new information on wireless technologies, computers, the Internet, and more
* Perfect for students studying alone or in a class
* Great for preparing for licensing exams
* Referenced by thousands of students and professionals
* Written by a popular author whose name is synonymous with clarity and practical sense



* Perfect for hobbyists, students, and those who want to get ahead in tech-related careers
* A simple course for intelligent people
* Inside: easy-to-follow lessons in today's electricity and electronics fundamentals and applications from a master teacher, with minimal math, plenty of illustrations and practical examples, and test-yourself qauestions that make learning go more quickly

About the Author
Stan Gibilisco is a professional technical writer who specializes in books on electronics and science topics. He is the author of The Encyclopedia of Electronics, The McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Personal Computing, and The Illustrated Dictionary of Electronics, as well as over 20 other technical books. His published works have won numerous awards. The Encyclopedia of Electronics was chosen a "Best Reference Book of the 1980s" by the American Library Association, which also named his McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Personal Computing a "Best Reference of 1996." Stan Gibilisco’s Web sites are http://www.sciencewriter.com and http://members.aol.com/stangib.

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