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The Avid Handbook: Advanced Techniques, Strategies, and Survival Information for Avid Editing Systems, 5th Edition

"The Avid Handbook has always been an useful supplement to Avid's own excellent manuals. Greg Staten's latest edition introduces readers to the inner workings, tips, tricks and hidden techniques behind Avid's newly updated Media Composer 3.0 software. Avid's manuals can teach you the right buttons to push, but Staten takes you further into the philosophy and workflow behind the software, to ultimately help you be a better editor. It's not just the what and where, but the even more important, how and why. Regardless of experience level, this is an essential text for every Avid editor."
- Oliver Peters, President and Founder, Oliver Peters Post Production Services

Packed with workflow efficiencies for experienced editors, this book answers both the "whys and hows" of advanced Avid editing techniques

Brimming with workflow efficiencies for the experienced editor, The Avid Handbook teaches you the hows and whys of operating the system in order to reach streamlined, creative end solutions. The book emphasizes time-saving techniques, shortcuts, and workflow procedures- the true keys to getting a job done.

The book has also been updated to include new information on HD formats and workflows, color-correction and grading capability enhancements, MXF media standardization, and much more.

Also new to this edition are an 8 page 4-color insert, adding depth to the color-correction lessons, as well as running sidebars throughout the book, calling out time-saving tips and techniques.

* New information on High-Definition tools and production workflows, allowing you to complete your HD projects in the most efficient manner
* New details on product updates and innovations such as HD, color-grading and capabilities, file-based video formats, and file-based instead of tape-based output
* The new edition features sidebars throughout that call out time-saving tips and techniques, as well as a new 8 page 4-color insert for more effective display with the color correction lessons

About the Author

Senior Product Designer for editors with Avid Technology, Inc., and has been editing on Media Composer since 1992. For the last several years Greg has traveled the world speaking at major conferences and seminars keeping Avid users and instructors up-to-date on areas such as advanced editing techniques, online process, color correction, and effects design. Prior to joining the product design team he was the Principal Instructor for Avids Training Services Group, focusing on finishing and effects.

Bayes is the Product Manager for Final Cut Pro at Apple. For 8 years he was the Principal Product Designer for Media Composer, Symphony and DS Nitris at Avid Technology. Steve has specified the design of Avid products based on his years of editing, instructing and interviewing Avid users. He is the author of the book The Avid Handbook: Basic and Intermediate Techniques for the Media Composer which will have a 4th edition in December 2003. Steve also spent two years as Senior Instructor for Avid Educational Services, teaching Avid students and instructors in the U.S., Europe and Asia. He has also written and developed several advanced Avid classes including the Master Editor Workshop. Previously, Steve was Senior Editor at several production companies in Boston, Massachusetts and edited in the New England market for ten years.

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