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Twitter Bootstrap Web Development How-To


A hands-on introduction to building websites with Twitter Bootstrap's powerful front-end development framework


  • Conquer responsive website layout with Bootstrap’s flexible grid system
  • Leverage carefully-built CSS styles for typography, buttons, tables, forms, and more.
  • Deploy Bootstrap's jQuery plugins to create drop-downs, switchable tabs, and an image carousel.

In Detail

Twitter Bootstrap is by far the most popular of all front-end frameworks. It has earned its position by providing expertly-crafted, community-tested solutions for some of the thorniest problems of contemporary web design, equipping developers to accomplish difficult tasks with ease and normal tasks with greater speed.

Twitter Bootstrap Web Development How-To walks you step-by-step from Bootstrap basics to the creation of a fully-responsive, JavaScript-enhanced, multi-page website. After this quick and dirty Bootstrap bootcamp, you'll not only be building serious sites, but you’ll be equipped to dive into the rest of what Twitter Bootstrap has to offer. The content of the book is up to date with version 2.1 of Twitter Bootstrap.

Bringing you from zero to pro in record time, this book will start you off with Twitter Bootstrap's excellent responsive grid system. From the basics, you'll move on to more complex layouts with media grids and tables. You'll learn to control Bootstrap's navbar, adding drop-down menu items and configuring it to adapt beautifully to small screens. You'll utilize Bootstrap's jQuery plugins to add dynamic tabs and a beautiful homepage slideshow. You'll also walk through the steps of uploading your files, testing your site across desktop and mobile browsers, and optimizing your site files for improved performance before final launch.

What you will learn from this book

  • Conquer responsive website layout with Bootstrap’s flexible grid system
  • Create a complex media grid of images and captions
  • Leverage carefully built CSS styles for typography, buttons, tables, forms, and more
  • Exert control over Bootstrap's dynamic and responsive navbar
  • Learn the ways of Bootstrap's excellent jQuery plugins
  • Create drop-down items and dynamic switchable tabs
  • Create a beautiful image carousel slideshow with captions
  • Test your results across browsers and devices


An easy-to-follow step-by-step presentation which will get you started with Twitter Bootstrap. Practical examples will help you to get set up quickly and easily.

Who this book is written for

This guide is for new, novice, and intermediate developers alike. Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is required although this book will help beginners find their feet with both more easily. Those experienced with HTML and CSS will quickly learn the beautiful and efficient ways of Bootstrap..

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