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Web Applications (Hacking Exposed)

Web Applications (Hacking Exposed), 9780072224382 (007222438X), McGraw-Hill, 2002

"This book goes a long way in making the Web a safer place to do business." -- Mark Curphey, Chair of the Open Web Application Security Project

Unleash the hackers' arsenal to secure your Web applications

In today's world of pervasive Internet connectivity and rapidly evolving Web technology, online security is as critical as it is challenging. With the enhanced availability of information and services online and Web-based attacks and break-ins on the rise, security risks are at an all time high. Hacking Exposed Web Applications shows you, step-by-step, how to defend against the latest Web-based attacks by understanding the hacker's devious methods and thought processes. Discover how intruders gather information, acquire targets, identify weak spots, gain control, and cover their tracks. You'll get in-depth coverage of real-world hacks--both simple and sophisticated--and detailed countermeasures to protect against them.

What you'll learn:

  • The proven Hacking Exposed methodology to locate, exploit, and patch vulnerable platforms and applications
  • How attackers identify potential weaknesses in Web application components
  • What devastating vulnerabilities exist within Web server platforms such as Apache, Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS), Netscape Enterprise Server, J2EE, ASP.NET, and more
  • How to survey Web applications for potential vulnerabilities --including checking directory structures, helper files, Java classes and applets, HTML comments, forms, and query strings
  • Attack methods against authentication and session management features such as cookies, hidden tags, and session identifiers
  • Most common input validation attacks--crafted input, command execution characters, and buffer overflows
  • Countermeasures for SQL injection attacks such as robust error handling, custom stored procedures, and proper database configuration
  • XML Web services vulnerabilities and best practices
  • Tools and techniques used to hack Web clients--including cross-site scripting, active content attacks and cookie manipulation
  • Valuable checklists and tips on hardening Web applications and clients based on the authors' consulting experiences
About the Author

Joel Scambray (Lafayette, CA) is a Manager in the Information Systems Audit and Advisory Services practice of Ernst & Young. Joel has over five years experience working with a variety of computer and communications technologies from both an operational and strategic standpoint--ranging from Director of IS for a major commercial real estate firm to Technology Analyst for Info World Magazine.
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