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Wireless Security

Wireless Security, 9780072222869 (0072222867), McGraw-Hill, 2002
Get full details on major mobile/wireless clients and operating systems-including Windows CE, Palm OS, UNIX, and Windows. You'll learn how to design and implement a solid security system to protect your wireless network and keep hackers out. Endorsed by RSA Security - the most trusted name in e-security - this is your one-stop guide to wireless security.

Protect your network and applications from wireless threats using information from the leading e-security authority

Reduce the risk of security breaches and keep your wireless communications safe with help from this comprehensive guide. Written in conjunction with wireless security experts, this authoritative resource provides you with a clear background of how wireless technology works worldwide, explains current key security protocols, shows you how to deploy a wireless LAN, and much more. You'll understand the full range of wireless network vulnerabilities and learn the characteristics of specific threats such as eavesdropping and wireless denial of service attacks. You'll also discover how to securely access business applications from wireless devices, gain real-world knowledge through numerous detailed wireless implementations, and preview emerging technologies including 3G.

This book will show you how to:

  • Identify the various layers of wireless network protocols--physical, network, and application layers
  • Learn the differences in wireless technologies around the globe
  • Comprehend major security protocols including SSL, WTLS, 802.1x, and IPSec
  • Recognize the vulnerabilities in today's wireless technologies and take steps to prevent against threats
  • Alleviate data security risks associated with PDAs, cellular handsets, and other wireless devices
  • Familiarize yourself with long-, medium-, and short-range wireless data networks and emerging standards
  • Assess which cryptography method is best for accessing corporate applications from wireless devices
  • Build a successful wireless security infrastructure using existing technologies

Safeguard your network using this definitive guide to wireless security.

About the Author

Merritt Maxim has more than 4 years' experience in the information security industry, most recently as a product manager for wireless security at RSA Security in Bedford, MA. In that role, Merritt was responsible for defining RSA's cross-product line wireless architecture and spoke at numerous industry events on wireless security topics. Previously, Merritt was a senior research analyst at MIT. David Pollino is a senior security consultant at @stake, Inc. He has extensive networking experience, including working for a tier 1 ISP, architecting and deploying secure networks for Fortune 500 companies. David leads the @stake Center of Excellence focusing on wireless technologies such as 802.11x, WAP and GPRS. Recent projects include helping design and oversee the security architecture for a large European ASP and assisting with the security architecture for a wireless provider.

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