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Advanced Javascript

Advanced Javascript, 9781556228520 (155622852X), Wordware Publishing, 2001
Focuses on professional-level JavaScript techniques, including the latest developments.

JavaScript is a scripting language designed to be used within HTML documents. For
this reason a basic working knowledge of HTML is required before you can learn or
use JavaScript. For those readers either lacking this basic knowledge or requiring a
refresher course,Chapter 2 is a basic HTML primer that will teach you all of the skills
you will need.

As the title suggests,this book is geared towards advanced JavaScript programming
and has the experienced JavaScript programmer in mind. However,the first few chapters
do provide basic primers on both HTML and JavaScript. Those with limited
JavaScript experience should carefully study the first few chapters,while more experienced
programmers may want to skim these chapters or skip them entirely.

It’s important to understand how the book is structured so you can plan your learning
experience in the best possible way. The table of contents lists the chapters by name.
If you are an experienced JavaScript programmer just looking for a reference on a particular
subject,feel free to skip directly to the relevant chapter.
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