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AIX Reference for Sun Solaris Administrators (IBM Redbooks)

In today’s heterogeneous computer environments, especially in UNIX servers
and workstations, it is essential that the system administrator have basic
knowledge of different operating systems. This redbook is written for Sun Solaris
administrators who wants to transfer their knowledge of Solaris UNIX skills to the
AIX 5L operating system. This redbook will basically compare system
administration tasks in Solaris 8 to AIX 5L Version 5.1. But it is not the intention
of this redbook to decide which operating system is the better of the two. This
redbook shows the reader similarities and differences between each operating

This redbook will also introduce Solaris administrators to IBM ^ pSeries
hardware. It is assumed that the reader of this redbook already has Solaris 8
system administration skills, and are familiar with Sun hardware. In the first
section on each chapter, we will briefly mention how the Solaris tasks are carried
out. It is not the intention of this redbook to describe in detail how systems
administrator tasks are performed in Sun Solaris. In the last section of each
chapter, we will provide a quick reference that will be handy to use.

This redbook will demonstrate some ways to complete each administrative task,
but not all ways to do it, because there are many different ways to do the same
task in Solaris and AIX 5L operating systems. For example, in the AIX 5L
operating system, system administrators can do many of the same tasks using
three different ways: Web-based System Manager, SMIT, or commands on the
command line.

This redbook is a valuable tool for system administrators and other technical
support personnel who deal with AIX 5L and Solaris operating systems.
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