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Applied SOA: Service-Oriented Architecture and Design Strategies

You need more than theory to make SOA work.

You need this practical guide.

The challenge today's IT professionals face is not how to build a service. It's how to build a quality service, based on solid design principles and integrated into an architecture that enhances overall business processes. If you are a systems architect or designer, a business analyst, or an IT manager, this book gives you the architecture and design principles along with a methodology that empowers you to meet that challenge. Here are the tools you need to develop services that deliver the benefits of SOA.

  • Understand how SOA provides improved flexibility, reduced costs, and competitive advantages

  • Examine the overall enterprise context, architectural layers, domain-specific concepts, and essential service characteristics

  • Learn how to align SOA with your business, identify services, and create solutions

  • Explore business architecture and business process modeling

  • See how to design service interfaces and implementations

  • Create enterprise services that integrate existing applications and data

  • Create enterprise solutions from existing services

  • Apply security blueprints for determining and implementing appropriate safeguards

  • Utilize successful techniques for flexible servicecomposition and semantic interoperability

  • Prepare to effectively manage your projects, utilizing best practices and strategies for SOA management and governance

  • Benefit from detailed case study examples

About the Author

Michael Rosen
is chief scientist for Wilton Consulting Group, editorial director of the SOA Institute, Director of Architecture for Cutter Consortium, and a respected industry spokesperson.

Boris Lublinsky is lead architect at Navteq, where he is responsible for SOA and BPM implementations.

Kevin T. Smith is a technical director at McDonald Bradley, Inc., where he builds highly secure and data-driven SOA solutions for the U.S. government.

Marc J. Balcer founded ModelCompilers.com, a provider of tools and services for model-based development.

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