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ASP.NET Core 5 and Angular: Full-stack web development with .NET 5 and Angular 11, 4th Edition


Build robust modern web applications using .NET 5, Entity Framework Core, and Angular 11

Key Features

  • Updated with the latest features and additions in ASP.NET Core 5 and Angular 11
  • Design, build, and deploy a Single Page Application or Progressive Web App
  • Adopt a full stack approach to handle data management, Web APIs, application design, testing, SEO, security, and deployment

Book Description

Learning full-stack development calls for knowledge of both front-end and back-end web development. ASP.NET Core 5 and Angular, Fourth Edition will enhance your ability to create, debug, and deploy efficient web applications using ASP.NET Core and Angular. This revised edition includes coverage of the Angular routing module, expanded discussion on the Angular CLI, and detailed instructions for deploying apps on Azure, as well as both Windows and Linux.

Taking care to explain and challenge design choices made throughout the text, Valerio teaches you how to build a data model with Entity Framework Core, alongside utilizing the Entity Core Fluent API and EntityTypeConfiguration class. You'll learn how to fetch and display data and handle user input with Angular reactive forms and front-end and back-end validators for maximum effect.

Later, you will perform advanced debugging and explore the unit testing features provided by xUnit.net (.NET 5) and Jasmine, as well as Karma for Angular. After adding authentication and authorization to your apps, you will explore progressive web applications (PWAs), learning about their technical requirements, testing, and converting SWAs to PWAs.

By the end of this book, you will understand how to tie together the front end and back end to build and deploy secure and robust web applications.

What you will learn

  • Implement a web API interface with ASP.NET Core and consume it with Angular using RxJS observables
  • Set up an SQL database server using a local instance or a cloud data store
  • Perform C# and TypeScript debugging using Visual Studio 2019
  • Create TDD and BDD unit tests using xUnit, Jasmine, and Karma
  • Perform DBMS structured logging using third-party providers such as SeriLog
  • Deploy web apps to Windows and Linux web servers, or Azure App Service, using IIS, Kestrel, and nginx

Who this book is for

This book is for experienced ASP.NET developers who already possess some familiarity with ASP.NET Core and Angular and are looking to learn how to use them effectively together.

The fully documented code samples (also available on GitHub) and the step-by-step implementation tutorials make this book easy to follow.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Ready
  2. Looking Around
  3. Front-End and Back-End Interactions
  4. Data Model with Entity Framework Core
  5. Fetching and Displaying Data
  6. Forms and Data Validation
  7. Code Tweaks and Data Services
  8. Back-End and Front-End Debugging
  9. ASP.NET Core and Angular Unit Testing
  10. Authentication and Authorization
  11. Progressive Web Apps
  12. Windows, Linux, and Azure Deployment
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