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Automating Microsoft Azure with Powershell


Automate Microsoft Azure tasks using Windows PowerShell to take full control of your Microsoft Azure deployments

About This Book

  • Deploy and manage virtual machines, virtual networks, and an online database for application provisioning, maintenance, and high availability of your data
  • Upload your movies, data, and disk images to the cloud with just a single line of PowerShell code
  • A pragmatic guide full of hands-on examples on managing Microsoft Azure using PowerShell

Who This Book Is For

This book is designed to help administrators and developers better automate Azure management tasks. No prior knowledge of PowerShell is required.

What You Will Learn

  • Connect to Microsoft Azure with PowerShell
  • Manage storage blobs, tables, and queues with PowerShell
  • Create virtual machines with PowerShell
  • Query SQL databases with PowerShell
  • Deploy websites and cloud services with PowerShell
  • Create virtual networks and traffic manager profiles with PowerShell
  • Perform Active Directory management tasks with PowerShell
  • Automate complex tasks using automation runbooks

In Detail

This book is a one-stop guide on managing Microsoft Azure services using PowerShell. Administrators and developers will learn how to use PowerShell to create and manage Azure websites, virtual machines, SQL databases, and so on.

Starting with an introduction to Windows PowerShell, this book will assist you in connecting to Microsoft Azure with PowerShell. Next, the book covers how to create and manage Azure storage accounts, including file, blob, and table storage. Moving on, this book covers creating and managing Azure virtual machines, SQL databases, websites, virtual networks, traffic manager, cloud services, and Active Directory. Finally, this book covers how to automate complex tasks using Azure automation runbooks.

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