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C# COM+ Programming

C# COM+ Programming, 9780764548352 (0764548352), Hungry Minds, 2001
A must have reference for developers already working with COM+ who are ready to transition the the .NET Platform. Softcover. CD-ROM included.

C# COM+ Programming
Your Complete Guide to COM+ Services in the .NET Framework Whether you want to integrate existing COM+ services into the .NET Framework or create all-new .NET COM+ services using C#, this unique guide shows you the way. With lucid explanations and a generous helping of sample components and source code, COM+ expert Derek Beyer shows you step by step how to consume COM components from .NET, consume .NET components from COM, and create .NETCOM+ components for transactions, security, events, object pooling, queuing, and remoting. Your Road Map to COM+ and .NET Integration
  • Understand the .NET Framework and Common Language Runtime
  • Convert COM type libraries into .NET namespaces
  • Transform .NET assemblies into COM type libraries
  • Harness JIT activation, synchronization, and AutoComplete in a transaction component
  • Create a role-based security component
  • Write a loosely coupled events component and create subscriptions with COM+ Explorer
  • Learn the ins and outs of object pooling, from attributes to scalability
  • Get the scoop on MSMQ, exceptions, error handling, and other queuing issues
  • Use SOAP, channels, formatters, proxies, and other tools to create remoting serviced components
Source Code on CD-ROM Complete examples for developing COM+ components in C# including:
  • Queued component
  • Remote component
  • Pooled component
  • Event-driven component
  • Role-based security component, and
  • C# transactional component and client application
System Requirements: PC running Windows. See the "What's on the CD-ROM" Appendix for further requirements and details.

About the Author

Derek Beyer, MCP+I, specializes in programming distributed applications using Visual Basic, C++, and, most recently, C# and .NET. Currently the enterprise architect for a large Midwestern retailer in the U.S., he has worked on a wide variety of projects, including a top-ten B2C Web site, an ERP Web integration, and a distributed application that integrates legacy systems.
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