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Cyber Spying: Tracking Your Family's (Sometimes) Secret Online Lives

Uncover the Threats Lurking in the Darkness of Your Family's Computer

Many people have no idea of the evils that exist across the Internet or the danger that can result from simply answering an innocent-sounding e-mail or participating in a chat. Your loved ones could unknowingly be putting themselves in grave risk. By using the tools and techniques in this book to check up or spy on them, you can identify the perils, educate your loved ones about impending danger, and avoid potential physical, emotional, or financial disasters. This book was written to help make the Internet safe for families and friends; to raise awareness of the inherent dangers of the Internet; and to help parents keep their children out of trouble.--Dr. Eric Cole

  • Learn When to Spy and When Not to SpyWould spying on your spouse or child cause more damage than the problem you suspect exists?
  • Translate What Your Children Are Really Saying OnlineKnow what it means when your child types 420, ASL, Cyber, NSA, POS, or S2R.
  • Follow the SLEUTH MethodologyLearn to: Set goals, Layout strategy, Evaluate and Understand risk, Take observations, and Handle the results.
  • Cover Your TracksUse tools and techniques to achieve your objectives without being discovered.
  • Master Spying SoftwareDownload, install, and use free spying applications, including IZArc, WinSpy, and Kaboodle.
  • You Got That with Google?Use Google and the Google Desktop Search tool to scan and classify public records; blogs; online databases; credit reports; phone and address listings; e-mails; IM chats; files; Web caches; and more.
  • One Person's Trash...Use PC Inspector File Recovery to retrieve and restore deleted files.
  • Expand Your SearchGo beyond the PC to uncover information on switched networks, PDAs, cell phones, iPods, and even video game consoles.
  • Know When the Tables Have TurnedDetermine if you are someone else's mark and take steps to protect yourself.
  • Your Solutions Membership Gives You Access to:

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    Downloadable chapters from these best selling books:

    Google Hacking for Penetration Testers

    Inside the Spam Cartel: Trade Secrets from the Dark Side

    Hacking a Terror Network: The Silent Threat of Covert Channels

    Stealing the Network: How to Own a Continent

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