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Essential XML Quick Reference: A Programmer's Reference to XML,  XPath, XSLT, XML Schema, SOAP, and More


"Finally, a complete and thorough reference book covering all of the most important XML technologies, including the latest addition (XML Schema), in one concise and consistent presentation. I will definitely have this book close at hand."
—Chris Lovett, Product Unit Manager, B2B Web Services, Microsoft

"A handy, comprehensive reference guide to all the latest XML and Web services technologies. Skonnard and Gudgin give you all the details in one place."
—Noah Mendelsohn, Distinguished Engineer, IBM and Lotus Development Corporation, and coeditor of W3C XML Schema Recommendation

Even the most experienced XML developer needs a reference guide with essential information and quick answers to the questions and problems that inevitably arise. ESSENTIAL XML QUICK REFERENCE is the most comprehensive and authoritative book available. Covering all of XML, as well as many related protocols and technologies, this book provides a handy, one-stop resource to XML syntax, usage, and programming techniques.

Compiled and written by two leading XML authorities, the book provides complete coverage of all relevant topics. Each chapter provides a topic overview, explanations of various elements, and several meaningful examples.

ESSENTIAL XML QUICK REFERNCE is specifically designed for easy access, with a detailed table of contents, a thorough index, and side chapter tabs to help you quickly locate the information you need. This combination of comprehensive information, plentiful examples, and easy access make this book a required resource for XML developers.

This book is for anyone working with today's mainstream XML technologies. It was specifically designed to serve as a handy but thorough quick reference that answers the most common XML-related technical questions.

It goes beyond the traditional pocket reference design by providing complete coverage of each topic along with plenty of meaningful examples. Each chapter provides a brief introduction, which is followed by the detailed reference information. This approach assumes the reader has a basic understanding of the given topic.

The detailed outline (at the beginning), index (in the back), bleeding tabs (along the side), and the page headers/footers were designed to help readers quickly find answers to their questions.

About the Author
Aaron Skonnard is a member of the technical staff at DevelopMentor and a contributing editor to MSDN Magazine, where he writes "The XML Files" column.

Martin Gudgin works at DevelopMentor, where he spends his time thinking about component software and related technologies. A Windows developer since 1987 and a COM developer since 1994, Martin has trained and mentored developers from a wide range of companies, including Microsoft, in numerous technical areas such as COM, IDL, MTS, and COM+.

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