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Ethics and Law for School Psychologists

This completely updated edition of the leading ethics and law guide for students, as well as practicing school psychologists, provides authoritative, timely information on professional standards and legal requirements pertinent to the delivery of school psychological services. Ethics and Law for School

Psychologists, Fourth Edition covers a host of ethical and legal issues that are unique to the field, including:

  • Students’ and parents’ rights to privacy and informed consent
  • Confidentiality and the duty to protect
  • Psychoeducational assessment and intervention
  • Schooling for students with special needs
  • School discipline and violence prevention
  • Provision of culturally sensitive services to diverse clientele
  • Protection of the rights of sexual minority students
  • Supervision of school psychologists in training

Offering a wealth of new information, this book includes recent changes in professional standards such as the 2002 revision of the American Psychological Association’s "Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct" and the 2000 revision of the National Association of School Psychologists’ "Principles for Professional Ethics." The discussion of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) incorporates the 1999 regulations as well as recent developments in case law. The ethical and legal mandate to respect cultural, linguistic, and role differences is given greater emphasis throughout this edition.

About the Author

SUSAN JACOB, PhD, is Professor of Psychology at Central Michigan University and a member of the School Psychology Program faculty. She has written more than two dozen articles that have appeared in such professional publications as School Psychology Review, Journal of School Psychology, and Psychology in the Schools.

TIMOTHY S. HARTSHORNE, PhD, is Professor of Psychology and Assistant Vice Provost at Central Michigan University. He has contributed chapters to several professional volumes and his articles have appeared in Journal of Individual Psychology, Journal of Personality Assessment, and other professional publications.

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