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FileMaker Pro 8.5 Bible

FileMaker Pro 8.5 Bible, 9780470082775 (0470082771), John Wiley & Sons, 2006
FileMaker Pro 8.5 Bible provides step-by-step procedures for using virtually all FileMaker Pro features and performing all tasks. This best-selling volume has been updated to reflect Version 8.5, the latest version of FileMaker Pro workgroup database. Applicable to both the Mac and Windows versions of FileMaker Pro, this Bible shows readers how to create and work with databases and includes detailed ScriptMaker (scripting) explanations for automating FileMaker. Other topics covered include calculations and computations; data exchange; creating and using templates; linking databases; using FileMaker in workgroups; Web publishing; plug-ins; and advanced database connectivity.

About the Author

Dennis R. Cohen has been developing software and writing about it since the late 1970s. Starting in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Deep Space Network (DSN), through stints at Ashton-Tate, Claris, and Aladdin Systems, he was involved in creating and maintaining such packages as the DSN Station Scheduling System, dBASE III, dBASE Mac, FileMaker, ClarisWorks, Claris Resolve, and many others.
During this time, Dennis wrote numerous articles appearing in a variety of different publications, including Personal Computing, Macintosh Today, Macworld, and MacTutor. The author (or co-author) of over a dozen books, including AppleWorks 6 Bible, AppleWorks 6 For Dummies, Mac OS X Bible, iLife Bible, Teach Yourself Visually iLife ’04, FileMaker Pro 7 Bible, The Xcode 2 Book (all Wiley), and Mac Digital Photography (Sybex), Dennis has also been the technical editor for over 100 titles, including all editions of FileMaker Pro Bible prior to FileMaker Pro 7 Bible.
Dennis resides in Sunnyvale, California, with his best friend—a Boston terrier named Spenser. You can find out more about him at his Web site at http://homepage.mac.com/drcohen.

In 1978, Dr. Steven Schwartz bought his first microcomputer, a new Apple II+. Determined to find a way to make money with it, he began writing software reviews, BASIC programs, and user tips for Nibble magazine. Shortly thereafter, he was made a contributing editor.
Over the past 20 years, Steve has written hundreds of articles for more than a dozen computer magazines. He currently writes for Macworld magazine. He was also a founding editor of Software Digest as well as a business editor for MACazine.
From 1985 to 1990, he was the director of technical services for Funk Software. Steve is the author of more than 40 books, including all editions of Macworld ClarisWorks/AppleWorks Bible and the FileMaker Pro Bible (Wiley); Running Microsoft Office 2001 (Microsoft Press); Visual QuickStart Guide for Internet Explorer 5 for Windows, Internet Explorer 5 for Macintosh, Entourage 2001 for Macintosh, CorelDraw 10 for Windows, and Office v.X for Macintosh (Peachpit Press); and dozens of popular game strategy guides.
Steve has a Ph.D. in psychology and presently lives in the fictional town of Lizard Spit, Arizona, where he writes books and complains about the heat. His official Web site is www.siliconwasteland.com.

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