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Flash 5 Bible

Flash 5 Bible, 9780764535154 (0764535153), John Wiley & Sons, 2001
"The must-have book for all Flash developers!"
—James Baker, Creative Director, the wddg

"The Flash 5 Bible is the book to have."
—Todd Purgason, Creative Director, Juxt Interactive

If Flash 5 can do it, you can do it too...
Whether you're a Web-development newbie or a Flash veteran, this acclaimed bestseller shows you step by step how to make the most of Flash 5 — and take any Web site to the next level. Packed with examples and illustrations — including eight pages in full color — as well as expert tutorials from Flash pros, this comprehensive guide delivers everything from a quick-start tutorial to brand-new coverage of ActionScript programming. It's all you need to unleash the power of Flash 5 — and start creating state-of-the-art Web graphics and animations!

Inside, you'll find complete coverage of Flash 5

  • Get up to speed fast using the "Flash in a Flash" quick-start tutorial
  • Discover the secrets of effective animated graphics, pop-ups, and rollovers
  • Make the most of Flash drawing tools and animation controls
  • Master useful techniques like tweening and onion skinning
  • Harness the power of ActionScript programming for dynamic effects
  • Leverage Flash by using it with Fireworks and other software
  • Distribute Flash movies on the Web or through players and projectors
About the Author
Robert Reinhardt has developed multimedia courses for educational facilities in Canada and the United States, delivered conference seminars on Web design, and served as technical editor for several Photoshop and Web books. With a degree in photographic arts, Robert takes a holistic approach to computer applications for the creation of provocative multimedia. Recently, he created installation and digital art for the Warner Bros. feature film Gossip. Now based in Los Angeles, he continues his work through The Makers as a multimedia artist, programmer, and instructor with his partner Snow and his creatively inclined dog, Stella.

Jon Warren Lentz is a graduate of the Classical Studies program at UCSC, and a freelance artist and author. He is the lead co-author of a popular Web design book, deconstructing web graphics.2, co-authored with Lynda Weinman. He's also an associate editor and columnist for EFX Art and Design magazine, formerly known as Mac Art & Design. Prior to entering the photodigital frontier, Lentz achieved notice as a sculptor working with sand-carved glass -- a process that he helped to define as a fine art medium. Jon's images have been featured in the 1997 Graphis Poster Annual, Mac Art & Design magazine (Sweden), IdN -- the International Designer's Network magazine (Hong Kong), and other magazines. In July 1998, Shutterbug magazine explored connections between his fine art abstractions and commercial works.

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