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Hacking Exposed Cisco Networks

Hacking Exposed Cisco Networks, 9780072259179 (0072259175), McGraw-Hill, 2005

Implement bulletproof Cisco security the battle-tested Hacking Exposed way

Defend against the sneakiest attacks by looking at your Cisco network and devices through the eyes of the intruder. Hacking Exposed Cisco Networks shows you, step-by-step, how hackers target exposed systems, gain access, and pilfer compromised networks. All device-specific and network-centered security issues are covered alongside real-world examples, in-depth case studies, and detailed countermeasures. It’s all here--from switch, router, firewall, wireless, and VPN vulnerabilities to Layer 2 man-in-the-middle, VLAN jumping, BGP, DoS, and DDoS attacks. You’ll prevent tomorrow’s catastrophe by learning how new flaws in Cisco-centered networks are discovered and abused by cyber-criminals. Plus, you’ll get undocumented Cisco commands, security evaluation templates, and vital security tools from hackingexposedcisco.com.

  • Use the tried-and-true Hacking Exposed methodology to find, exploit, and plug security holes in Cisco devices and networks
  • Locate vulnerable Cisco networks using Google and BGP queries, wardialing, fuzzing, host fingerprinting, and portscanning
  • Abuse Cisco failover protocols, punch holes in firewalls, and break into VPN tunnels
  • Use blackbox testing to uncover data input validation errors, hidden backdoors, HTTP, and SNMP vulnerabilities
  • Gain network access using password and SNMP community guessing, Telnet session hijacking, and searching for open TFTP servers
  • Find out how IOS exploits are written and if a Cisco router can be used as an attack platform
  • Block determined DoS and DDoS attacks using Cisco proprietary safeguards, CAR, and NBAR
  • Prevent secret keys cracking, sneaky data link attacks, routing protocol exploits, and malicious physical access
About the Author

Dr. Andrew A. Vladimirov, CCNP, CCDP, CISSP, CWNA, TIA Linux+, is a co-founder of Arhont Ltd., an international IT security consultancy.

Konstantin V. Gavrilenko, co-founder of Arhont Ltd., has extensive experience working with Cisco PIX firewalls and Cisco VPN concentrators.

Janis N. Vizulus is a researcher and programmer specializing in digital forensics and penetration testing.

Andrei A. Mikhailovsky, co-founder of Arhont Ltd., is an expert in network security and penetration testing

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