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Handbook of Ring-Opening Polymerization

(Co)polymers obtained by ring-opening polymerization comprise a large portion of the engineering plastics industry and are used for preparation of many specialty materials, such as nylon 6 and propylene oxide.

Written by internationally acclaimed experts in their respective fields, this comprehensive, one-stop reference discusses monomers, methods, stereochemistry, industrial applications and more. All the main classes of monomers are discussed separately, together with their specificities regarding the ring-opening polymerization techniques, the mechanisms, the degree of control, the properties of the related polymers and their applications.
From the contents:

* Thermodynamics and kinetics of ring-opening polymerization
* General mechanisms
* Silicium containing polymers
* Sulfur-nitrogen-phosphorous containing polymers
* Polymerization of depsipeptides, cyclic urethanes and ureas
* Polyethers and polyoxazolines
* Polyamides
* Metathesis polymerization of olefins and polymerization of alkynes
* Polyesters from lactones, dilactones, and large lactones
* Polyanhydrides and polycarbonates
* Polymerization of cycloalkanes
* Metal-free catalysis in ROP
* Enzyme-mediated ROP

From general concepts to "green chemistry" methods -- here you will find all there is to know about this important reaction type.

About the Author

Philippe Dubois received his PhD degree from University of Liège. In 1997 he moved to University of Mons-Hainaut (UMH) where he obtained the chair of macromolecular chemistry and directed the Laboratory of Polymeric and Composite Materials. He has co-authored about 350 publications and is co-inventor of 40 patents. He co-edited 5 books. In 2007 he became Director of of The Center of Innovation and Research in Materials and Polymers (CIRMAP) at UMH. He is currently past-president of the Belgian Royal Chemical Society (president in 2006-2007) and scientific director of Materia Nova research center in Mons.

Olivier Coulembier received his PhD degree from University of Mons-Hainaut (Belgium) in 2005 and joined the University of Stanford (United States) for his postdoctoral research in 2006. He is currently Postdoral Researcher by Belgian F.N.R.S. in the Laboratory of Polymeric and Composite Materials (LPCM) of Professor Philippe Dubois at University of Mons-Hainaut. His main activities are focused on the (non)organometallic ring-opening polymerization of cyclic monomers. He has authored 20 scientific papers in international journals.

Jean-Marie Raquez works in the Laboratory of Polymeric and Composites Materials (Professor P. Dubois) at University of Mons-Hainaut (UMH) in Mons, Belgium. He has authored 12 scientific papers and 5 US patents in Materials Technology including macromolecular synthesis and reactive processing.
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