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Home Closing Checklist

Home Closing Checklist, 9780071409971 (0071409971), McGraw-Hill, 2003

 A concise, quick-reference guide to save money and headaches when closing on a home

Fraught with arcane rituals, hidden traps and pitfalls, and confusing legal mumbo jumbo, the closing can be the most harrowing part of the home buying equation.

Modeled after Robert Irwin's popular Home Buyer's Checklist, this book is packed with checklists, pointers, questions, and tactics that help a home buyer close the deal without losing his or her sense of humor, sanity, or shirt, including:

  • A complete lowdown on what to ask, where to get the answers, and how much things cost
  • A list of information and documents needed to ensure a closing goes smoothly
  • Guidance on issues such as attorneys, bankers, title, inspections, insurance, surveys, and walk-throughs

It's one of life's most exciting, important, and stressful events. A home closing is fraught with arcane rituals, hidden traps and pitfalls, and confusing legal mumbo jumbo--not to mention the enormous amount of money that changes hands! The Home Closing Checklist leads you step by step through every stage of your closing, from making an offer of purchase to slipping a new set of keys onto your key ring.

Modeled after Robert Irwin's classic Home Buyer's Checklist, this think-of-everything guide is packed with all of the practical information and know-how you need close the deal without losing your sense of humor, your sanity, or your shirt. It's loaded with checklists, pointers, tactical advice, and tips on how to ask the right questions and find the answers you need. You'll find out how to:

  • Present a written offer and have the seller accept and sign it
  • Open escrow, secure financing, and negotiate lender costs
  • Read and approve seller's disclosures
  • Obtain a title search and property inspection
  • Avoid "garbage" closing costs
  • Conduct the final walk-through
  • And much more
About the Author
Robert Irwin
is a leading national expert in all areas of real estate and the author of 50 books, including those in McGraw-Hill's bestselling Tips and Traps series.

Robert Irwin has built homes from the ground up as well as completed dozens of major renovation and remodeling projects. He is best known as a real estate broker and the author of the best-selling Tips & Traps real estate series. He serves as a consultant to lenders, investors, and brokers. With over 50 books, including Buying a Home on the Internet and The Pocket Guide for Home Buyers, Irwin is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable writers in the real estate field today.
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