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Information Warfare: How to Survive Cyber Attacks


"Computers don't attack computers, people do. With Erbschloe's capability taxonomy, we see that there are plenty of new adversaries out there with increasingly powerful cyberweapons and intentions. But most importantly, the greatest threat still comes from "trusted" insiders we so desperately need to, but perhaps shouldn't, trust so much. Sure, we can handle the Acts of God, but what about the Acts of Man? All organizations--from the commercial sector to government--need to institute some form of Time-Based Security and be ready, willing, and able to respond to attacks as quickly as possible. A valuable addition to the literature.

"This is a valuable contribution to the study of information warfare because it asks the reader to attend to the seriousness of the subject, in part, through economic and law enforcement lenses. What's more, the author offers workable, corrective actions to the problems identified--a rare treat indeed! Decision makers in business and government would do well to invest time in this very timely work."

--John Stanton, National Defense Industrial Association

"With Information Warfare, Michael Erbschloe more than lives up to his reputation of being ahead of his time and on-target about the critical issues at hand. His insightful work in this book provides a thoughtful and compelling analysis of information warfare, one of the most sensitive areas of the emerging digital economy and lifestyle. Fortunately, along with his astute analysis, Erbschloe's practical suggestions for action are impeccable. Highly recommended reading for all who wish to be competitive now and in the years to come."

--Pam Dixon, award-winning author, columnist, and syndicated radio show host

"Designed to inform and prepare concerned civilians, this volume is the most relevant and incisive treatment of information warfare available today. Erbschloe has done an admirable job of research and analysis, successfully illuminating a vital topic that has heretofore been largely obscured by simplistic thinking and tabloid hysteria. He has created a book that will become mandatory reading not only for business and political leaders, but also for anyone who seeks a realistic understanding of this frightening new face of war."

--Alan Beck, Vice President, Publications, Tabor Griffin Communications

"Michael Erbschloe has exposed one of the most interesting and hidden phenomena of our time: information warfare in its many forms. If you've never considered the value of information assets and how they're manipulated in the New Economy, read this book!"

--Tom Henderson, Principal Researcher ExtremeLabs, Inc.

"It's time to put the impact of this issue into perspective. Few organizations can afford the potential for devastation that exists, and most clearly don't understand how real the danger is. Producers and consumers of information technology have been hurt by sneak-attack problems for decades, never learning to heed the signs for potential disaster. Erbschloe has the right message."

--Alan Howard, Vice President Applied Computer Research

In today's electronic age, the threat of cyberattacks is great. For any organization with information-based assets, the deadliest weapons can come in the form of a keyboard, mouse, or personal computer. With hacking attacks and computer-based crimes increasing both in frequency and degree of seriousness, it's clear that information warfare is real and companies must protect themselves in order to survive. But how do you not get caught in the crossfire of these attacks and how do you prepare when the electronic future is uncertain? The answers can be found inside Information Warfare, from recognized security expert and information technology consultant Michael Erbschloe.

This revealing book explores the impact of information warfare and the disruption and damage it can cause to governments, corporations, and commercial websites. Is it possible for a small number of people to cause millions of dollars worth of economic destruction from a computer? Through the use of scenarios and profiles of the cyber-terrorist subculture, you'll learn practical defense strategies for protecting your company or e-commerce site from cyberattacks. The book also examines the steps that governments around the world need to take in order to combat the advanced skill levels of some of the most dangerous cyber-criminals today. Whether you're responsible for making technology decisions that affect your company's future or interested in computer security in general, you won't find a more accurate and up-to-date book covering the emerging field of information warfare.

About the Author

Michael Erbschloe (Oceanside, CA) is an information technology consultant, author, and educator. He has authored over 2,500 articles and dozens of reports that have guided technology decisions in the largest organisation in the world. He is a regular speaker and on the advisory board of the COMDEX conference. His analysis of The Love Bug Virus was used by numerous broadcast news shows. He also appeared on the Peter Jennings show. ABC's 20/20 has asked him to do a special on Information Warfare. John Vacca (Pomeroy, OH) is an information technology consultant and internationally known author of over 25 books and more than 350 articles on Internet security, programming, systems development, rapid application development, multimedia and the Internet. John served for eight years as a configuration management specialist and the computer security official for NASA's space station program (Freedom) and the International Space Station Program. John's most recent books include Internet Security Secrets, and The Cabling Handbook. He has also written Net Privacy and Installing Routers Field Manual with McGraw-Hill. He is currently finishing The Wireless Broadband Networks Handbook with Osborne/McGraw-Hill.
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