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Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility (Wiley Series in Microwave and Optical Engineering)

A Landmark text thoroughly updated, including a new CD

As digital devices continue to be produced at increasingly lower costs and with higher speeds, the need for effective electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) design practices has become more critical than ever to avoid unnecessary costs in bringing products into compliance with governmental regulations. The Second Edition of this landmark text has been thoroughly updated and revised to reflect these major developments that affect both academia and the electronics industry. Readers familiar with the First Edition will find much new material, including:

  • Latest U.S. and international regulatory requirements
  • PSpice used throughout the textbook to simulate EMC analysis solutions
  • Methods of designing for Signal Integrity
  • Fortran programs for the simulation of Crosstalk supplied on a CD
  • OrCAD® PSpice® Release 10.0 and Version 8 Demo Edition software supplied on a CD
  • The final chapter on System Design for EMC completely rewritten
  • The chapter on Crosstalk rewritten to simplify the mathematics

Detailed, worked-out examples are now included throughout the text. In addition, review exercises are now included following the discussion of each important topic to help readers assess their grasp of the material. Several appendices are new to this edition including Phasor Analysis of Electric Circuits, The Electromagnetic Field Equations and Waves, Computer Codes for Calculating the Per-Unit-Length Parameters and Crosstalk of Multiconductor Transmission Lines, and a SPICE (PSPICE) tutorial.

Now thoroughly updated, the Second Edition of Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility remains the textbook of choice for university/college EMC courses as well as a reference for EMC design engineers.

About the Author
CLAYTON R. PAUL, PHD, is Professor and Sam Nunn Chair of Aerospace Systems Engineering, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mercer University. He is also Emeritus Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Kentucky, where he served on the faculty for twenty-seven years. Dr. Paul is the author of twelve textbooks in electrical engineering, has contributed numerous chapters to engineering handbooks and reference texts, and has published numerous technical papers in scientific journals and symposia. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and a Honorary Life Member of the IEEE EMC Society.

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