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J2EE AntiPatterns

J2EE AntiPatterns, 9780471146155 (0471146153), John Wiley & Sons, 2003
"The insights in this book are based on proven solutions from experts. They will ensure the success of your J2EE implementations."
—Bill Brown, AntiPattern Evangelist

All too often delivered software is full of bugs and poorly performing processes. Unfortunately, uncovering exactly what has gone wrong and what needs to be done to correct it can be a difficult process. Focusing on J2EE, this innovative book will give you the tools you’ll need to recognize and correct AntiPatterns–bad habits of code and design. The authors explore the common mistakes that are made while developing J2EE applications and clearly show you how to refactor your way out of them.

They first capture the AntiPatterns in a template that simply describes their symptoms and consequences as well as their typical causes. Then they guide you through the process of transforming the implementation of code to make the design better.

For each AntiPattern, the authors present you with real-world examples, code, and at least one refactoring. This approach will help you write J2EE programs that work better, quicker, and with less effort. You’ll find more than fifty J2EE AntiPatterns that tackle many of Java’s biggest trouble spots for programming including:

  • Miscalculating bandwidth requirements
  • Too much data in a JSP session
  • Common functionality in every servlet
  • Overloading destinations in message driven beans
  • Choosing the wrong level of detail in J2EE services

The companion Web site contains the code examples from the book.

About the Author

BILL DUDNEY is a Java architect whos been building J2EE applications for five years and distributed computing solutions for 14. He is co-author of Jakarta® Pitfalls (Wiley).

STEPHEN ASBURY is co-author of Developing Java™ Enterprise Applications and author of Enterprise Linux® at Work (both from Wiley), as well as four other books on development technology.

JOSEPH K. KROZAK is Vice President of Technology Development for Krozak Information Technologies, Inc., a supplier of advanced software solutions to Fortune 500 and mid-market companies.

KEVIN WITTKOPF has been a software architect and developer for more than seventeen years. He focuses on enterprise integration, Web services, messaging, and service-based architecture.

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