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Job Interviews For Dummies (Career/Education)

Job interviews are crucial meetings that seal the deal on who gets hired. But, since the previous edition of Job Interviews for Dummies was published, everything about the interview process has changed in ways you need to know about and get comfortable with beforehand.

This completely revised and updated 3rd Edition brings you fully up to speed with the latest technological changes, interview strategies, and negotiation techniques to help you give a show-stopping performance and land the job of your dreams. You learn the secrets of successful Internet video interviewing and find out how to present yourself on a global scale. And, you’ll get plenty of expert advice on giving targeted responses, pinpointing the critical parts of questions, and following up on the interview. In this outstanding handbook of contemporary interview arts, you’ll discover how to:

  • Out-prepare the competition
  • Overcome your fear of interviewing
  • Ask smart questions about the job and the employer
  • Give the best answers to make-or-break questions
  • Fit your qualifications to the job’s requirements
  • Dress like an insider
  • Survive personality tests
  • Interview across cultures
  • Deliver a show-stopping interview performance
  • Evaluate a job offer
  • Negotiate a better salary

Whether you’re fresh from the classroom, a prime-timer over 50, or somewhere in between, Job Interviews For Dummies, 3rd Edition gets you up to speed fast on the skills and tools you need to land the job you want.

About the Author

Joyce Lain Kennedy is America’s first nationally syndicated careers columnist. Her two-times-weekly column, CAREERS NOW, appears in newspapers and on Web sites across the land. In her four decades of advising readers — newbies, prime-timers, and those in-between — Joyce has received millions of letters inquiring about career moves and job search and has answered countless numbers of them in print.

Joyce is the author of seven career books, including Joyce Lain Kennedy’s Career Book (McGraw-Hill), Electronic Job Search Revolution, Electronic Resume Revolution, and Hook Up, Get Hired! The Internet Job Search Revolution (the last three published by Wiley). Job Interviews For Dummies is one of a trio of job market books published under Wiley’s wildly popular For Dummies branded imprint. The others are Resumes For Dummies and Cover Letters For Dummies.

Writing from Carlsbad, California, a San Diego suburb, the country’s bestknown careers columnist is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis. Contact Joyce at jlk@sunfeatures.com.
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