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Kali Linux Network Scanning Cookbook - Second Edition


Over 100 practical recipes that leverage custom scripts and integrated tools in Kali Linux to help you effectively master network scanning

About This Book

  • Learn the fundamentals behind commonly used scanning techniques
  • Deploy powerful scanning tools that are integrated into the Kali Linux testing platform
  • The practical recipes will help you automate menial tasks and build your own script library

Who This Book Is For

This book is for information security professionals and casual security enthusiasts alike. It provides foundational principles if you're a novice, but will also introduce scripting techniques and in-depth analysis if you're more advanced. Whether you are brand new to Kali Linux or a seasoned veteran, this book will help you both understand and ultimately master many of the most powerful and useful scanning techniques in the industry. It is assumed that you have some basic security testing experience.

What You Will Learn

  • Develop a network-testing environment to test scanning tools and techniques
  • Understand the principles of network-scanning tools by building scripts and tools
  • Identify distinct vulnerabilities in web apps and remote services and learn how they are exploited
  • Perform comprehensive scans to identify listening on TCP and UDP sockets
  • Get started with different Kali desktop environments--KDE, MATE, LXDE, and Xfce
  • Use Sparta for information gathering, port scanning, fingerprinting, vulnerability scanning, and more
  • Evaluate DoS threats and learn how common DoS attacks are performed
  • Learn how to use Burp Suite to evaluate web applications
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