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Learning Kendo UI Web Development


With Kendo UI you can enhance your websites no end without having to write a line of code, and this tutorial shows you exactly how to utilize the code library of JavaScript widgets and tools. Thoroughly practical, brilliantly inspiring.


  • Learn from clear and specific examples on how to utilize the full range of the Kendo UI tool set for the web
  • Add powerful tools to your website supported by a familiar and trusted name in innovative technology
  • Learn how to add amazing features with clear examples and make your website more interactive without being a JavaScript expert

In Detail

Creating useful and attractive web sites for today’s audiences requires more JavaScript programming than ever before. JavaScript, however, isn’t easy and staying up to date with recent trends makes it even harder. You need a way to integrate the latest technology into your web site without having to start from the beginning.

"Learning Kendo UI Web Development" shows you how to add the latest web features to your site without doing all of the work yourself. The experts at Telerik have created a fully supported code library that lets you focus on what makes your sites special while letting them focus on how that translates into cutting edge JavaScript code.

This book will take you on a survey through Kendo UI for the web from the basic widgets that wrap input fields to the full page scaffolding widgets for setting up your site.

Kendo UI for the web is a rich framework of JavaScript widgets and tools that will add immediate value to your web sites. Learn the full spectrum of what Kendo UI has to offer in specialized widgets that gather input from users by displaying calendars, sliders, or date pickers all the way up to widgets that structure your web pages through data-driven models in accordions, tabs, list views, and tree views.

"Learning Kendo UI Web Development" is the perfect companion for navigating the broad features offered by Telerik in JavaScript web development.

What you will learn from this book

  • Leverage data source objects and JavaScript templates with the TabStrip and Grid widgets
  • Guide users in date selection with the Calendar widget
  • Create fast and fluid word wheels with the AutoComplete widget and date selection with the Calendar widget
  • Take advantage of the powerful MVVM JavaScript architectural pattern
  • Take full HTML input from users with a graphical editor
  • Structure your site with the Menu and ListView widgets
  • Build interactive accordions with the PanelBar widget and a fun way to select numbers with the Slider widget
  • Organize your data with the Splitter and TreeView widgets and Customize pop-up windows and file uploads with the Window and Upload widgets


A practical tutorial with step-by-step example based approach.

Who this book is written for

This book is for web developers who want to take advantage of cutting edge JavaScript and HTML 5 web site features, but who don’t have the time or the knowledge to write all of that code by hand. The reader should be familiar with basic HTML 5 and JavaScript but does not need to be an expert.

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