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Making WIN32 Applications Mobile

A key resource to learn how to repurpose Windows applications for handheld devices

When handheld computers were power-hungry and memory-poor, synchronizing calendars and perhaps reading e-mail were all the applications most people needed. Now that handhelds have more power than first-generation desktop computers, the opportunity to do more than offer subsets of preexisting information is wide open. Enter Windows CE, a subset of Windows that has been optimized for handheld devices. In this book, experienced CE developer Nancy Nicolaisen provides an ideal reference and road map for directly porting Win32 applications when it’s possible, and a set of metrics that can be used to determine how best to proceed when it isn’t.

In addition, Nicolaisen:

  • Explains how the "subset" of Windows CE APIs diverges from the standard Win32 set
  • Shows you how to understand the embedded-system "bias" inherent in Windows CE
  • Demonstrates how to write applications that use this bias as a strength
  • Covers Unicode, which is mandatory for Windows CE (but optional in Win32)
  • Explains how to consider the effect of various screen resolutions

The companion web site contains all source code from the book.

About the Author
NANCY NICOLAISEN is a software engineering consultant and trainer, currently specializing in Windows CE. Her firm, n2 software engineering, has recently released Field Trip, a forms-based data collection program for handheld devices. Nicolaisen is the author of two previous books, has contributed regularly to Dr. Dobb’s Journal, Database Advisor, PC Magazine, and Byte, and is the former Development Tools columnist for Computer Shopper.

About Gearhead Press
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