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Marketing Your Consulting Services : A Business of Consulting Resource

"Elaine Biech keeps her promises. Just open Marketing Your Consulting Services to the preface, and you see that she promises practical. Then she immediately delivers— on the very same page! Flip to any page, and the same is true. That's a stunning achievement. And Elaine's advice works. I tried one of her first fourteen recommendations, and the results came in less than twenty-four hours. Elaine makes marketing accessible, concrete, convenient, and doable. I urge you to buy this book today so that you can reap the rewards tomorrow. Your business will thank you."
 —James M. Kouzes, coauthor, The Leadership Challenge, and chairman emeritus, The Tom Peters Company

"Most consultants are confident about their services and anxious about how to market them. This book speaks to that anxiety with practical steps, plus Elaine's own competitive advantage: boundless enthusiasm."
—Peter Block, author, Flawless Consulting

"This is the third book of a trilogy of extraordinarily useful books regarding the business of consulting. The profession owes great thanks to someone who is willing to share the most valuable secrets of success with the rest of us. This is one of those rare books that combines extensive academic research with years of practical experience. Biech does the things she describes in this book, and her success has been the result. What a gift to our profession: a book that is highly practical, actionable, and simple. On the subject of marketing, that has been extremely rare."
—Jack Zenger, vice chairman, Novations Group

"The best treatment I've ever seen of the subtle art of building a consulting practice. Lessons from a master marketer. Highly recommended!"
—Alex Hiam, author, Marketing for Dummies and Making Horses Drink

"Practical, down-to-earth advice that takes the mystery out of marketing. In this book, her fourth for consultants, Elaine provides sound wisdom based on her own success as a consultant. You will be grateful she has shared the practical lessons she has learned."
—Margie Blanchard, The Ken Blanchard Companies

"Elaine has created another practical, must-read resource for new and seasoned consultants. Marketing Your Consulting Services provides invaluable how-to insights and advice for building your business that you can apply immediately."
—Richard Chang, CEO, Richard Chang Associates, Inc., and author, The Passion Plan

"It's all about creating value for the customer. Elaine's practical approach to keeping that focus and communicating it to your customers is right on the mark."
—John Lockard, senior vice president of naval systems, integrated defense systems, Boeing

About the Author
Elaine Biech is president and managing partner of ebb associates, inc., an organizational development firm that helps organizations work through large-scale change. Biech has been in the training and consulting field for more than two decades working with business, government, and nonprofit organizations. She is the author or editor of dozens of professional books including The Business of Consulting, The Consultant's Legal Guide, The Consultant's Quick Start Guide, Successful Team-Building Tools, and The Pfeiffer Annuals, all from Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer.

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