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Microsoft Windows XP Professional Resource Kit, Second Edition


Install, configure, and support the Windows XP Professional operating system with expertise from the Microsoft Windows team. This official Resource Kit packs more than 1600 pages of in-depth technical information, including two new chapters from the Microsoft Windows Security Resource Kit; a bonus eBook, Automating and Customizing Installations; and 120+ timesaving tools and utilities. It’s everything you need to maximize the performance and reliability of your business desktops—and help reduce your ownership and support costs.

Get comprehensive guidance straight from the Microsoft Windows team.

  • Plan, test, and automate your deployment
  • Centrally manage users and network resources with Group Policy and IntelliMirror technologies
  • Exploit enhancements in disk, file system, and device management capabilities
  • Manage authentication, authorization, access control, and EFS
  • Connect clients to Windows-based networks
  • Configure TCP/IP, IP addressing, and name resolution services
  • Implement Remote Desktop, remote access, and mobile user support features
  • Implement security features for networked and mobile computing
  • Learn troubleshooting strategies to diagnose and resolve problems faster
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Java EE 7 First Look
Java EE 7 First Look

Discover the new features of Java EE 7 and learn to put them together to build a large-scale application


  • Explore changes brought in by the Java EE 7 platform
  • Master the new specifications that have been added in Java EE to develop applications without any hassle
  • ...
Introduction to Wireless and Mobile Systems
Introduction to Wireless and Mobile Systems

We are pleased and honored to present this third edition of Introduction toWireless and Mobile Systems. Wireless and mobile communication technologies are advancing at an unprecedented rate, and the timely release of the third edition is our endeavor to keep pace with this rapid technological evolution.

This text explains the...

Hacking for Dummies
Hacking for Dummies
Find out if your system is vulnerable to hack attacks!

"The coverage of security topics in this book can help you avoid a hack attack."
— Stuart McClure

"To catch a thief, think like a thief." Here’s the guide that will help you do just that! It shows you how to become a "white hat...

Using iTunes 10
Using iTunes 10

For 10 years, iTunes has brought listening pleasure to people’s computers. Originally introduced in January 2001, the first version of iTunes worked only with Mac OS 9 operating systems, but later that year, Apple added support for OS X and for iPods—and that’s when iTunes really took off. Subsequent versions of the...

Delivering Business Intelligence with Microsoft SQL Server(TM) 2/E 2008
Delivering Business Intelligence with Microsoft SQL Server(TM) 2/E 2008
Life is filled with decisions. Should I have the burger and fries or the salad for lunch? Should I get my significant other that new watch they’ve had their eye on, or should I buy them a new vacuum cleaner? Do I invest my holiday bonus or head for the casino? Should I buy this book or go browse the comics section? (Here is your first bit of...
Managing and Optimizing VMware vSphere Deployments
Managing and Optimizing VMware vSphere Deployments

In our experience as consultants, VMware vSphere is the most robust virtualization

solution on the market. The technology is proven and the user base is large.

Although the benefits of virtualization using vSphere are many, proper planning is required to gain these benefits from a vSphere
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